KNX RF Multi: the next generation KNX RF standard

Jens Kamenik explains the evolution of KNX RF into KNX RF Multi, what products are  available and how they are typically used. Traditional KNX installations have relied on twisted-pair (TP) cable for communication with KNX devices and powering them. This method is simple, reliable and robust. There are, however, situations where no cable, or at […]

Technology: KNX RF Multi in action

Yasmin Hashmi summarises the recent KNX RF Multi event that was hosted by KNX Association. Hosted by KNX Association, the ‘KNX RF Multi in action’ event took place online and in-person at the Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City on 16 May 2023. The first half was aimed mainly at KNX professionals, whilst the second half was […]

KNX IoT: Part 2 – the advantages of Thread

In the second of this series of articles on KNX IoT, Bruno Johnson explains how KNX and the wireless Thread protocol bring benefits to commercial building automation. Part 1 of this series on KNX IoT introduced the fact that the opportunity to develop digital services from cloud-based applications requires Internet protocol (IP) based network connections […]

JUNG KNX RF Push-Buttons are Smart and Beautiful

The classic electrical installation is sufficient: the new JUNG KNX RF push-buttons are installed in combination with the JUNG system inserts. Thanks to the design covers, they integrate harmoniously into any interior. The new KNX RF push-buttons are available in 1-gang and 2-gang versions and in the A, AS, CD and LS ranges. The frames […]

Show Report Part 2: KNXperience – the products

By Yasmin Hashmi, KNXtoday. KNXperience, which took place from 28th September to 2nd October 2020, was the first online global trade fair dedicated to KNX, organised by KNX Association. In last month’s show report, we gave an overview of the show including the conference programme, networking opportunities, the KNX Awards ceremony and competitions/prizes. This month, […]

Weinzierl Introduces New Solutions for Dimming and Lighting

• MATCH 55: Push Button Inserts for KNX TP and KNX RF/EnOcean with Security• GlassTouch: Elegant glass touch sensor series with clever features and KNX Security • KNX Blue IO: LED dimmers for KNX TP, RF und IP to be installed outside the switch board• Special Gateways: Easily connecting Modbus and DMX 512 with KNX […]

Looking Ahead: does the wireless light controller spell the end for the dimmer rack?

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. We still rely heavily on copper in our industry. It forms the backbone of any system we install. Power and communications travel back and forth from switches to dimmer panels to lighting fixtures. It’s all very ordered, and everyone knows what to expect from the respective parts. The dimmer […]