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Elsner Elektronik Introduces CasaConnect KNX Central Unit for Smart KNX Buildings

The new Smart Home & Living solution for more living comfort, security and energy efficiency in the KNX world is the central unit CasaConnect KNX. Using the touch screen and the smartphone app, effortless central operation of the building technology is possible.

The central unit is communicative right from the set-up stage: the service technician can access the device remotely without being on site. For security reasons, this requires the customer’s approval on the device. CasaConnect KNX enables surfing and streaming and has integrated speakers. The central unit is cloud-free – all control and setting data is stored exclusively in the device.

As a house central unit, CasaConnect KNX controls the building services from lighting and sun protection to ventilation and heating. Particularly clever: the biodynamic lighting control system (Human Centric Lighting) gently adjusts brightness and light colour to the rhythm of the day. Individual scenes are set on CasaConnect KNX and can be called up quickly and easily.

CasaConnect KNX also monitors security in the house, centrally managing and forwarding alarm messages from alarm systems – even to the mail post box if requested. The presence simulation can be set individually.

CasaConnect KNX offers these connection and control options:

  • 80 channels type A for drives (blinds, shutters, awnings, windows), fans and lights (switching, dimming, RGB(W), colour temperature). Each with extensive automatic functions
  • 120 channels type B for operating and display elements (dimmer, push-buttons), sensors, alarm messages and the transmission of values and text messages
  • 15 channels type C used as a temperature controller extension unit, i.e. it is used to control a heating or cooling system according to the KNX specifications for HVAC applications

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