JUNG KNX RF Push-Buttons Connect Classic Electrical Installations with KNX

Conventional becomes smart No dirt, no noise, no bus line – the classic electrical installation is sufficient: the new JUNG KNX RF push-buttons are installed in combination with the JUNG system inserts. An easy and efficient way to quickly install a professional smart home system – ideal for retrofitting or renovations. JUNG KNX RF push-buttons […]

Tense Offers Intensity Integrated KNX Switch

Tense has expanded its product range with the Intensity Integrated range providing an architectural switch solution for every situation. The Intensity Integrated switch range uses capacitive touch technology which can be fully integrated in the wall finish of your choosing. Tense provides the electronics which can easily be placed behind a stone, wooden or Corian […]

PEAKnx YOUVI 4.3 Integrates Door Communication and Multi-Room Sound into Home Control System

YOUVI 4.3 integrates door communication and multi-room sound into the home control system PEAKnx extends the functions of its KNX visualisation YOUVI. The software package, which advances the PEAKnx panels Controlmicro, Controlmini and Controlpro to smart all-in-one solutions for building automation, receives three new add-ons. With the door station module, communication with SIP door stations […]

Lime International Offers KNX Metal Keypad

The KNX Metal Keypad offers simple and essential design that makes a unique feature of high-end metal KNX push buttons. It is designed for small budget projects without giving up high-quality standards. The keypad has a labelling cover that can be customised with laser engraving. The labelling cover area also comes with backlighting to make […]

JUNG KNX Offers Smart Heating and Comfortable Living

JUNG KNX operates the heating and air conditioning effectively and efficiently. Smart technology monitors the building: this type of regulation of the room temperature is environmentally sustainable. A KNX system always heats on demand as it controls the heating and air conditioning dependent on the prevailing temperature. If sun rays heat up individual rooms, KNX […]

JUNG Offers Smart Control 8 – a Touch Screen for the Entire Building Management System

Convenience, functionality and safety: The new JUNG Smart Control 8 is a capacitive touch display for operating every function to controlling smart homes. The 8-inch display (20.32 cm) features a HD screen. Brilliant colour, sharpness and ultra-modern display technology make it as user-friendly as the latest tablets. You have the option of using the touch […]

Elsner Elektronik Wins Red Dot Award for Fabro KNX Touch Panel

Touch Panel Fabro KNX with IP66 – robust and easy to operate The Fabro KNX operating and display panel by Elsner Elektronik is suitable for harsh environments and outdoor use. It combines a robust aluminium housing with a 7-inch real glass display. The 8 touch areas per display page are made extra large for easy […]

Schneider Electric Introduces New KNX Push Button Pro T

It comes as no surprise that the KNX Push Button Pro, introduced in 2019, has become a favorite with contractors, building managers, and homeowners. Easy to select, install, and program, the KNX Push Button Pro has what it takes to keep projects moving fast. Once installed, its many practical features make it simple for occupants […]

Ingenium Offers Bes VIIP Touch Panel Combining Home Automation Control and Video Intercom

Advanced home automation control and video intercom in a single touch device VIIP is a new range of touch screens with integrated WEB server and support for SIP communications. This allows the screen to also act as a video intercom, offering call forwarding when connected to a network with a third-party SIP outdoor unit. Versatility in visualization and protocols […]

ZF Provides Flexibility, Cost and Energy Efficiency with Battery-Free KNX-RF Pushbutton Module

Big topics of discussion within the lighting sector include sustainability, energy efficiency, low cost systems, connectivity and convenience through flexibility. One solution to address these issues, is the wireless and battery-free RF pushbutton module designed by ZF. For the connection between lighting components and pushbuttons in buildings, cables are the established solution. This variant seems […]