Schneider Electric introduces SpaceLogic KNX Hybrid module

With the new SpaceLogic KNX Hybrid module, Schneider Electric is revolutionising the integration of KNX with wireless Wiser products. Upgrade KNX installations effortlessly, without the need to replace or lay new cables. Whether for renovation or new built, in homes or buildings, with the innovative KNX Hybrid solution futureproofing a building has never been easier. […]

PEAKnx offers more logic in the smart home with YOUVI 4.5 visualisation software

Our KNX visualisation software YOUVI is now available in version 4.5. With the release including four significant innovations as well as additional enhancements, YOUVI is even more attractive for smart home users. Intelligent control of sound systems via the logic module Residents of Smart Homes can look forward to enhancements in the functionality of their […]

Interra offers KNX Binary/Analog Input Module – 6 Channel

Interra KNX Binary/Analog Input Module – 6 Channel makes your home smart. KNX Binary Input is used to interface the contacts to KNX bus substructure such as push buttons, switches etc. to make them communicating devices. The thermostat feature can be utilised with an internal or external temperature. Connect switches, buttons, and more to your […]

Theben empowers electricians with LUXORliving solution and theBUDDY partner scheme

The smart home industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, captivating homeowners with the promise of enhanced comfort, reduced energy costs, and unprecedented flexibility. Industry giants such as Google, Nest, and Ring have paved the way with innovative products, illuminating the potential of technology in transforming living spaces. However, the time has come for […]

MDT goes black with new push-button 55 controllers: follow us to the dark side

The Galaxy is in a state of turmoil: MDT has turned to the dark side. The development, product management and production departments of a leading manufacturer of KNX products, have been conspiring for months at an undisclosed location in the Rhineland, Germany to dispatch a fleet of dark push-buttons to KNX fans this autumn. For […]

JUNG announces KNX heating actuator 6-gang with KNX Secure

The new KNX heating actuator 6-gang with KNX Data Secure enables the central control of up to six independent heating or cooling zones. Each zone can be individually controlled to maintain the desired temperature. The integrated controller enables individual setting and monitoring of the temperature in the different zones. This can be done via appropriate […]

Interra presents new iSwitch+ KNX switch series

New Interra iSwitch+, the improved version of the legendary thermostatic KNX switch series of Interra, takes your attention with its clear straight lines and architecturally harmonious and fascinating colours and materials. The new monoblock design of iSwitch+ has become more practical in terms of mounting by the screwless mounting facility.  It comes with 8 different […]

Gira X1 and S1 form the cornerstone of the KNX smart home

The Gira X1 Server makes the automation and visualisation of a single-family home with a KNX system easier, more convenient and more economical than ever before. For users and residents, this means more convenience and security. The Gira S1 also offers more security. This enables users to connect to their KNX smart home easily and […]

Tyba offers KNX integration with Turn 2 room controller

Turn 2 provides convenient room control from a single beautifully designed interface. You can control lights, climate, shades and audio using the rotary ring and touch display. Tyba has partnered with the best in the business to provide simple and reliable integration straight out of the box. Bus Connectors make installation easy. Once installed, simply […]