Theben Offers KNX RF Flush-Mounted Actuators with KNX Data Secure

Theben KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers allow simple and wireless extension or retrofitting of KNX-based smart home systems. Thanks to KNX Data Secure, the wireless actuators are reliably protected against interception and tampering. Theben RF flush-mounted actuators with KNX Data Secure are available as blind, switching, dimming and heating actuators for any application […]

Theben Offers KNX MIX2 Actuators with KNX Data Secure

The modular MIX2 actuator family with KNX Data Secure offers maximum flexibility and security in KNX building automation. In addition, older MIX2 devices can also be retrofitted with KNX Data Secure via the exchangeable bus coupler. The optimal MIX for more flexibility Theben MIX2 actuators open up expanded design possibilities in KNX building automation. Up […]

JUNG Adds New Generation of KNX LED Controllers

JUNG is extending its product line for the control of LED in KNX systems. The new KNX LED controllers replace the current JUNG products (3904REGLED and 3904EBLED), take over the standard functions and enable new applications. LED spots, LED strips, RGB(W), Tunable White or RGB+CCT luminaires: the new LED controllers are ideally suited for controlling […]

Aurex Offers OS-409i-KNX Presence Detector

The Aurex OS-409i-KNX Presence Detector has an integrated PIR motion detector and light level detector, solely designed for KNX home and building control systems. It can be used in lighting and HVAC control to achieve energy saving.  The presence detector has a flat appearance with only 7mm thickness exposed from the ceiling and provides 360° […]

Elsner Elektronik Offers Universal Actuator KNX S2-B6-AP for Surface Mounting

In buildings automated with KNX, different actuator types are needed to control switchable and dimmable loads, motors and valves. Universal actuators create flexibility in planning and implementation. They are suitable for switching devices such as electric lights or fans, but can also control drives for blinds, shutters, awnings or windows. The KNX S2-B6-AP from Elektronik […]

Siemens Introduces New DIN-Rail Mounted Devices with KNX Binary Inputs

Extensive operating and control functions as a convenient interface to KNX systems Suitable for sophisticated multi-discipline applications such as colored light control and access control Clear, intuitive direct operation via membrane keypad and with LED status display Siemens Smart Infrastructure has added two new variants of KNX binary inputs to its portfolio of DIN-rail mounted […]

Eelectron Adds New K Series Actuators to its KNX Portfolio

Eelectron is pleased to announce the new K Series actuators, a new range created to specifically respond to the needs of lights and generic loads control in combination with the management of shutters and blinds or specific basic automation needs where digital outputs are required (eg. irrigation, gates). The devices BO04K01KNX, BO08k01KNX and BO04k01KNX are […]

ABB Smart Lighting Saves Energy for Sweden’s Smartest School

When students and teachers at Kattegatt high school in Halmstad returned after the summer holidays, it was to a state-of-the-art, newly built school equipped with Sweden’s first brain gym. An automatic control lighting system from ABB helps to make the new school both energy-efficient, safe and comfortable. After many years in older, dilapidated buildings and […]

Siemens Facilitates Implementation of Human Centric Lighting

New DALI-2 certification for Siemens Desigo PXC3 and KNX gateway N 141 as well as switch/dim actuator N525D11 Certification ensures interoperability in multi-vendor environments Lighting based on circadian rhythm helps improve health conditions in indoor environments Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s building products KNX/DALI gateway N 141 and the switch/dim actuator 2x DALI Broadcast N 525D11 as […]

Gira Introduces New Range of KNX Flush-Mounted Actuators

Compact powerhouses Gira has launched a new range of three KNX flush-mounted actuators: 1-gang switching actuator, 2-gang/1-gang switching/blind actuator and 1-gang dimming actuator. The dimming actuator supports LED loads of up to 200 W, while the switching actuator and the switching/blind actuator can be loaded with up to 16 A, depending on the type of load used. […]