Eelectron Adds New K Series Actuators to its KNX Portfolio

Eelectron is pleased to announce the new K Series actuators, a new range created to specifically respond to the needs of lights and generic loads control in combination with the management of shutters and blinds or specific basic automation needs where digital outputs are required (eg. irrigation, gates). The devices BO04K01KNX, BO08k01KNX and BO04k01KNX are […]

ABB Smart Lighting Saves Energy for Sweden’s Smartest School

When students and teachers at Kattegatt high school in Halmstad returned after the summer holidays, it was to a state-of-the-art, newly built school equipped with Sweden’s first brain gym. An automatic control lighting system from ABB helps to make the new school both energy-efficient, safe and comfortable. After many years in older, dilapidated buildings and […]

Siemens Facilitates Implementation of Human Centric Lighting

New DALI-2 certification for Siemens Desigo PXC3 and KNX gateway N 141 as well as switch/dim actuator N525D11 Certification ensures interoperability in multi-vendor environments Lighting based on circadian rhythm helps improve health conditions in indoor environments Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s building products KNX/DALI gateway N 141 and the switch/dim actuator 2x DALI Broadcast N 525D11 as […]

Gira Introduces New Range of KNX Flush-Mounted Actuators

Compact powerhouses Gira has launched a new range of three KNX flush-mounted actuators: 1-gang switching actuator, 2-gang/1-gang switching/blind actuator and 1-gang dimming actuator. The dimming actuator supports LED loads of up to 200 W, while the switching actuator and the switching/blind actuator can be loaded with up to 16 A, depending on the type of load used. […]

JUNG KNX Offers Smart Heating and Comfortable Living

JUNG KNX operates the heating and air conditioning effectively and efficiently. Smart technology monitors the building: this type of regulation of the room temperature is environmentally sustainable. A KNX system always heats on demand as it controls the heating and air conditioning dependent on the prevailing temperature. If sun rays heat up individual rooms, KNX […]

JUNG Offers Smart Control 8 – a Touch Screen for the Entire Building Management System

Convenience, functionality and safety: The new JUNG Smart Control 8 is a capacitive touch display for operating every function to controlling smart homes. The 8-inch display (20.32 cm) features a HD screen. Brilliant colour, sharpness and ultra-modern display technology make it as user-friendly as the latest tablets. You have the option of using the touch […]

ABB Offers Efficient Climate Control with ClimaECO

ABB’s new product range for HVAC automation heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning automation, ClimaECO, brings HVAC applications together in one holistic solution portfolio based on the standardized KNX system. Committed to continuous innovation in the smarter building sector, ABB has broadened its reach into KNX-automated HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) with its ClimaECO offering. Combining newly-developed […]

Elsner Elektronik Wins Red Dot Award for Fabro KNX Touch Panel

Touch Panel Fabro KNX with IP66 – robust and easy to operate The Fabro KNX operating and display panel by Elsner Elektronik is suitable for harsh environments and outdoor use. It combines a robust aluminium housing with a 7-inch real glass display. The 8 touch areas per display page are made extra large for easy […]

Schneider Electric Introduces New KNX Push Button Pro T

It comes as no surprise that the KNX Push Button Pro, introduced in 2019, has become a favorite with contractors, building managers, and homeowners. Easy to select, install, and program, the KNX Push Button Pro has what it takes to keep projects moving fast. Once installed, its many practical features make it simple for occupants […]

ABB iBus KNX Technology Achieves Quick Return on Sustainable Energy Investment in Upscale Self-Consumption Community

Until now quick return on investment from sustainable energy has been a challenge. However, project manager, EPZ Elektroplaner, turned to ABB to achieve just that. ABB’s simple to use, flexible, state-of-the-art technology has transformed the landscape by installing a complete energy management system for multiple homes – across all utilities – brought together through an […]