ProKNX and Future-Shape partner to change the way the care sector works

French company ProKNX and Future-Shape GmbH, based in Southern Germany, are pleased to announce their partnership to bring the Aragon smart speaker and innovative SensFloor® together to create an essential smart technology solution. The two award-winning companies have a long history as specialists in the smart technology sector. The Aragon smart speaker spans the divide […]

Tense adds Motivity Line of KNX motion detectors

Tense is a manufacturer of high-end designer KNX switching gear, with an elaborate product range of invisible switches, elegant sockets and minimalistic detectors. Tense detectors range from indoor to outdoor and from minimalistic discs to ultra-minimal 18mm domes. To complete this range, Tense has developed the Motivity Line of motion detectors, where the small rectangular […]

GVS unlocks a breath of fresh air with CO₂ sensor

Featuring a built-in high-precision CO₂ sensor, this new product from GVS serves as a CO₂ controller in public areas and provides real-time visualisation of indoor air quality. The detection data is conveniently display on a smart home panel, allowing the user to stay informed. With the GVS Smart Touch V50s/V40s you can customise alarm thresholds […]

Cost-savings using KNX: backing claims with facts

It’s easy to claim that KNX can help save on energy costs, but Simon Buddle argues that we must be able to back this up with hard data and show a good return on the investment. I was about to ask how you had enjoyed your summer. If it’s anything like the one that I’m […]

Creative North Solution offers Dectorline range all-in-one sensors

detectorline® is a trademark of Creative-North-Solution GmbH . The product series includes all-in-one sensors – motion and presence detectors in one device – and features modern and timeless design which is almost invisible when installed flush with the ceiling. Aimed at the most frustration-free and quick installation as possible, the detectorline series enables enormous time and cost savings. The […]

Theben offers Meteodata – an inconspicuous KNX weather station for any surface

The Theben KNX weather station Meteodata integrates harmoniously into any house facade made of wood, concrete, eternit and any colour design. The wind wheel on the underside registers wind regardless of wind direction and measures wind speed even in ice and snow. The capacitive rain sensor is insensitive to dirt and reliably detects precipitation. Sun […]

MDT offers KNX Twilight sensor/ Temperature sensor

The new sensor records the outdoor brightness and the outdoor temperature via two sensors and makes the measured values available on the KNX bus. Outdoor values for KNX building automation To control the building automation dependent on the environment conditions, outside values such as brightness and temperature must be monitored. These values allow an optimisation […]

AVE expands its KNX range with DIN rail devices and a probe for back box installation

KNX technology is enhanced by AVE smart solutions, that are designed to offer flexibility and functionality for the creation of advanced home and building automation systems. AVE add new devices with KNX technology, offering greater functionality and more flexibility for the creation of home and building automation systems. In addition to the products already in […]

Interra introduces new KNX Sensor Series

The Interra KNX Sensor Series provides a unique combination of safety, efficiency, and comfort with the thinnest design in its class. With the new Interra KNX Sensor series, functions like energy and lighting management, heating, and air conditioning in indoor spaces can be integrated into building automation systems in an innovative and reliable way.  Interra […]