ABB launches Busch-art linear light switch range

Combining premium design and sustainability Busch-art linear® wiring accessories are made from recycled material including old headlights and CDs with CO2 production savings of 82 percent The high-quality products in an elegant, minimalist design are available in a range of materials and colors to suit individual tastes and room styles The Busch-art linear® range of mechanical […]

Case Study: KNX simplifies integration in Hotel Serras Barcelona

David Giménez Rueda describes how the flexibility of KNX allowed the upgrade of a top hotel’s automation system to produce fully-integrated comfort, luxury and energy efficiency that has paid for itself within its first year. Hotel Serras Barcelona is a five-star boutique hotel located in the heart of the magnificent Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain. […]

Theben offers flexible colour control with KNX and DALI-2

With the DALI-2 certified DM 4 DALI KNX actuator, up to 30 DALI operating devices per channel can be easily controlled via broadcast commands. Broadcast communication requires no DALI addressing or grouping and greatly simplifies start-up and maintenance. The highlight: the 4-channel actuator also supports the control of colour and colour temperature of devices according to DALI Device […]

JUNG offers intelligent office lighting control with DALI and KNX

The right light for every time of the day and year: widespread and yet cost-efficient is a combination of the Smart Building standard KNX and DALI. Like KNX, DALI is also a standardised bus system. This means that it does not necessarily rely on star cabling, which quickly requires an enormous amount of cabling as […]

Lighting: creating amazing aesthetics for the home using KNX and LED tape

As LED tape is now ubiquitous in new lighting schemes, Simon Buddle explains how combining it with the flexibility of KNX can lead to stunning effects that are more cost-effective than other solutions. The slow transition to LED, I would say, is pretty much complete. I haven’t seen an incandescent lamp installed in a new […]

Theben announces KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators in TP and RF versions

Perfect for new buildings and retrofitting: Theben KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators in TP and RF versions The demand for KNX systems in combination with DALI lighting control is constantly growing. The new KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators from Theben offer a simple and cost-effective alternative to KNX/DALI gateways where these would be oversized due to a small number […]

Case Study: KNX and Control 4 integrate for unified control of Belgian smart home

Jan Martens describes the technology used in an award-winning project that integrates A/V with lighting, HVAC and security in Belgian smart home, House BE. House BE in the Belgian countryside combines brick, wood and concrete along with natural tones to create a stunning, contemporary property that offers indoor-outdoor living at its best. Internal courtyards, a […]

IPAS adds DaliControl e64 Pro to its family of KNX-DALI gateways

The DaliControl e64 Pro expands the family of KNX-DALI gateways designed by IPAS. DaliControl e64 Pro supports KNX Secure and, as the first fully DALI-2-capable gateway, allows the integration of motion detectors, light sensors and other DALI-2 input devices in addition to lighting control. The additional Ethernet connection offers direct and secure communication with the […]