Aurex Offers OS-409i-KNX Presence Detector

The Aurex OS-409i-KNX Presence Detector has an integrated PIR motion detector and light level detector, solely designed for KNX home and building control systems. It can be used in lighting and HVAC control to achieve energy saving.  The presence detector has a flat appearance with only 7mm thickness exposed from the ceiling and provides 360° […]

Eelectron Introduces 2-Channel KNX-DALI Gateway

Eelectron is glad to announce the extension of its products portfolio with the new 2-channel KNX-DALI gateway for controlling up to 128 DALI drivers. The DALI Gateway IC02D01DAL is a device used to control electronic ballasts (ECGs) with a DALI interface (in accordance with EN 62386) via the KNX installation bus. The device converts switching and dimming […]

ABB Smart Lighting Saves Energy for Sweden’s Smartest School

When students and teachers at Kattegatt high school in Halmstad returned after the summer holidays, it was to a state-of-the-art, newly built school equipped with Sweden’s first brain gym. An automatic control lighting system from ABB helps to make the new school both energy-efficient, safe and comfortable. After many years in older, dilapidated buildings and […]

Siemens Facilitates Implementation of Human Centric Lighting

New DALI-2 certification for Siemens Desigo PXC3 and KNX gateway N 141 as well as switch/dim actuator N525D11 Certification ensures interoperability in multi-vendor environments Lighting based on circadian rhythm helps improve health conditions in indoor environments Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s building products KNX/DALI gateway N 141 and the switch/dim actuator 2x DALI Broadcast N 525D11 as […]

Gira Introduces New Range of KNX Flush-Mounted Actuators

Compact powerhouses Gira has launched a new range of three KNX flush-mounted actuators: 1-gang switching actuator, 2-gang/1-gang switching/blind actuator and 1-gang dimming actuator. The dimming actuator supports LED loads of up to 200 W, while the switching actuator and the switching/blind actuator can be loaded with up to 16 A, depending on the type of load used. […]

JUNG 4-Gang KNX LED Universal Dimming Actuator – Half as wide but twice as good!

Consciously put rooms into their best light Optimum lighting according to requirements and occasion significantly enhances comfort in a smart building. The JUNG KNX LED Universal dimming actuator, 4-gang, enables reliable dimming of energy-saving light sources. It is also VDE-certified and future-proof as it works with KNX Data Secure and effectively encrypts all KNX telegrams. […]

Gira System 3000 Offers Lighting and Blind Control

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers for intelligent building design and management elevate your comfort levels with a highly intuitive control system, which manages your interior lighting, heating and blinds in-one – Gira System 3000 Increasing comfort and efficiency is at the heart of any smart home, with multi-functional technology making life even […]

MEAN WELL Introduces PWM-200KN Series LED Driver with KNX Data Secure

MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer, continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. For emerging demand of higher power and cyber security on lighting applications, after the earlier launch of PWM-60/120KN series, we proudly introduce the world first 200W AC-DC LED driver with KNX Data Secure, […]

JUNG Presents New Generation of KNX Flush-Mounted Actuators

Safe and flexible: the new JUNG flush-mounted actuators are safe thanks to KNX Secure and updates received via app. JUNG presents a new generation of KNX actuators for flush mounting. The new models Universal Dimming actuator, switch- and blinds actuator and switch actuator 1-gang handle KNX Secure, receive firmware updates via the ETS Service app, […]