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JUNG offers intelligent office lighting control with DALI and KNX

The right light for every time of the day and year: widespread and yet cost-efficient is a combination of the Smart Building standard KNX and DALI. Like KNX, DALI is also a standardised bus system. This means that it does not necessarily rely on star cabling, which quickly requires an enormous amount of cabling as well as large power distributors in larger projects. DALI and KNX connect the devices via a “data line” – the information flows bidirectionally. This reduces the space required in the distribution board and thus also the heat load. DALI is versatile and already standard in many areas. Individual luminaires or entire luminaire groups, coloured light control, dimming the light or switching alternating light scenarios: In the maximum configuration, DALI controls up to 64 luminaires individually. These can optionally be combined into up to 16 DALI groups – even after commissioning.

Gateway connects both worlds

Simulate daylight and promote well-being: The JUNG KNX DALI-2-Gateway Colour forms the interface for controlling DALI luminaires within KNX installation. By means of the gateway, the colour temperature and brightness of LED luminaires can be set independently of each other or combined if desired. For example, the behaviour of an incandescent lamp can be simulated by bringing the colour temperature into the warmer range when dimming down and into the colder range when dimming up. It enables the control and monitoring of individual luminaires via the KNX system by transmitting commands bidirectionally. The gateway can also be used to control groups of luminaires. The new KNX DALI gateway enables the creation of scenarios, schedules and automations to adapt the lighting to the respective requirements. The gateway can monitor the status of the luminaires and send feedback to the KNX system, enabling real-time monitoring and faster fault diagnosis. Thanks to KNX Data Secure, the new JUNG KNX DALI Gateway Colour is secure and updateable.

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