ise adds new ‘graphs’ feature to SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access

There’s great news about the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access: In addition to a renaming of the Remote Access tools and an update of the product website, the new “graphs” feature is available with firmware version 7! So the must-have for the smart home is simply better. Know what’s going on – thanks to clear […]

JUNG adds new functions to LS TOUCH

The KNX room controller LS TOUCH received an extensive function update for Light + Building 2024. An optimised menu structure with selectable operating levels also enables the control of hotel rooms, meeting rooms or offices. Different operating levels can be offered depending on the project type. Control of split units LS TOUCH now also controls […]

KNX Association invites you to apply for the KNX Awards 2024

The KNX Awards is a long-standing competition that puts the smartest KNX home and building projects in the picture. This year we are adding new categories to diversify between Smart Home and Smart Building projects as well as reward innovative implementation of the latest trends. Hand in your projects in one of the 7 categories […]

Women in KNX celebrates inaugural event at Light + Building 2024

The new Women in KNX group held its first get together at Light + Building 2024 and celebrated its inception with inspiring stories from trailblazing women in the smart building sector on the eve of International Women’s Day. In KNX technology, women are not only users, but also designers, innovators and pioneers. At KNX Professionals, […]

Snap One showcases expanded KNX integration with Control4 at Light + Building 2024

Expanded KNX integration with Control4 improves the home automation experience and increases business opportunities At Light + Building 2024, Snap One, the manufacturer of smart living solutions, will showcase the enhanced user experience and growing business opportunities available to KNX installers through the seamless integration of KNX systems with the company’s industry-leading home automation platform […]

Theben offers flexible colour control with KNX and DALI-2

With the DALI-2 certified DM 4 DALI KNX actuator, up to 30 DALI operating devices per channel can be easily controlled via broadcast commands. Broadcast communication requires no DALI addressing or grouping and greatly simplifies start-up and maintenance. The highlight: the 4-channel actuator also supports the control of colour and colour temperature of devices according to DALI Device […]

Schneider Electric introduces SpaceLogic KNX Hybrid module

With the new SpaceLogic KNX Hybrid module, Schneider Electric is revolutionising the integration of KNX with wireless Wiser products. Upgrade KNX installations effortlessly, without the need to replace or lay new cables. Whether for renovation or new built, in homes or buildings, with the innovative KNX Hybrid solution futureproofing a building has never been easier. […]

JUNG offers intelligent office lighting control with DALI and KNX

The right light for every time of the day and year: widespread and yet cost-efficient is a combination of the Smart Building standard KNX and DALI. Like KNX, DALI is also a standardised bus system. This means that it does not necessarily rely on star cabling, which quickly requires an enormous amount of cabling as […]