Theben Offers KNX RF Flush-Mounted Actuators with KNX Data Secure

Theben KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers allow simple and wireless extension or retrofitting of KNX-based smart home systems. Thanks to KNX Data Secure, the wireless actuators are reliably protected against interception and tampering. Theben RF flush-mounted actuators with KNX Data Secure are available as blind, switching, dimming and heating actuators for any application […]

Theben Offers KNX MIX2 Actuators with KNX Data Secure

The modular MIX2 actuator family with KNX Data Secure offers maximum flexibility and security in KNX building automation. In addition, older MIX2 devices can also be retrofitted with KNX Data Secure via the exchangeable bus coupler. The optimal MIX for more flexibility Theben MIX2 actuators open up expanded design possibilities in KNX building automation. Up […]

JUNG Adds New Generation of KNX LED Controllers

JUNG is extending its product line for the control of LED in KNX systems. The new KNX LED controllers replace the current JUNG products (3904REGLED and 3904EBLED), take over the standard functions and enable new applications. LED spots, LED strips, RGB(W), Tunable White or RGB+CCT luminaires: the new LED controllers are ideally suited for controlling […]

Theben Offers thePixa KNX Optical Presence Detector for Optimised Building Automation

Theben’s thePixa KNX optical presence detector detects how many people are in a room and where exactly they are located. This information is used to trigger predefined actions in the KNX building control system. It’s not just the building automation features that stand to gain – there’s also a great deal of added value for […]

Weinzierl Presents Wireless IP Interface for KNX

KNX IP Interface 740.1 wireless Weinzierl Engineering GmbH presents the KNX IP Interface 740.1 wireless as a new edition of the successful KNX Interface 740 based on WLAN. It can be used by ETS5 or ETS6 as a programming interface. On the laptop the user simply has to establish the connection via WLAN, and ETS […]

JUNG KNX RF Push-Buttons Connect Classic Electrical Installations with KNX

Conventional becomes smart No dirt, no noise, no bus line – the classic electrical installation is sufficient: the new JUNG KNX RF push-buttons are installed in combination with the JUNG system inserts. An easy and efficient way to quickly install a professional smart home system – ideal for retrofitting or renovations. JUNG KNX RF push-buttons […]

Gira Offers New Freedom with KNX RF System

A wired Smart Home system included right from the start of the design phase is now part of the high standard in new construction projects. Yet, in existing buildings, more and more owners are also looking to install the latest building and control technology. However, many are put off by the effort involved in laying […]

Elsner Presents the Windancer KNX Weather Station for Smart Shading

The Windancer KNX weather station by Elsner Elektronik provides the most important weather and outdoor data for a building automated with KNX. And not only that: the Windancer KNX-GPS model also controls the sun protection on up to 8 façades at the same time. Perfect for the private Smart Home, but also for an apartment […]

KNX Association Announces Special Offer on ETS6 Professional in March

Were you planning on ordering ETS6 Professional? For March, KNX Association has a special offer with a reduction of 30% on ETS6 Professional new license (€1000). Don’t miss this opportunity! Conditions (*) New ETS6 Professional (€1000) This offer cannot be combined with other actions or voucher Reduction not applicable on bundle products This offer is […]

ABB Offers IP Switches for DIN-Rail Installations

The IP infrastructure plays an important role in the reliability and availability of all building functions. This is driving the requirement for a cost-effective IP infrastructure within the distribution board or de-central installation boards. The ABB IP switches are two industrial-grade, 8 Ports, Fast Ethernet (100 Mbits), unmanaged switches (with and without PoE) designed for […]