xxter introduces innovative Smart Energy Manager

Optimise energy consumption and save up to 30% on energy bills with xxter’s Smart Energy Manager. Now more than ever, with global warming, other climate changes and the geopolitical situation, the energy transition is becoming more important every day. In this unprecedented energy crisis, energy management has become a high priority for building owners. xxter has […]

KNX Association offers free online training on how to prevent access to KNX installations

Any communication technology is a target for hackers, and this includes home and building automation systems. The demand for smart home and smart building technology is increasing rapidly, and more and more applications and equipment are being added to installations and interconnected for remote access in order to offer a better user experience. Without proper […]

AVE expands its KNX range with DIN rail devices and a probe for back box installation

KNX technology is enhanced by AVE smart solutions, that are designed to offer flexibility and functionality for the creation of advanced home and building automation systems. AVE add new devices with KNX technology, offering greater functionality and more flexibility for the creation of home and building automation systems. In addition to the products already in […]

Interra introduces new KNX Sensor Series

The Interra KNX Sensor Series provides a unique combination of safety, efficiency, and comfort with the thinnest design in its class. With the new Interra KNX Sensor series, functions like energy and lighting management, heating, and air conditioning in indoor spaces can be integrated into building automation systems in an innovative and reliable way.  Interra […]

HMS Networks presents Intesis 700 Series – a new concept for protocol translation

HMS Networks presents Intesis® 700 Series for protocol translation, a new concept that breaks the old reliance between hardware and software. 700 Series is the new platform concept for Intesis Protocol Translators. This concept enables interfaces for multiple Building Automation protocols in the same hardware so, the user can pair the combination using Intesis MAPS. […]

Theben updates TP-RF KNX media coupler with segment coupling

The new firmware of the media coupler supports the segmentation of lines in ETS 6 and enables the simple retrofitting of existing systems with RF components. In this way, KNX-RF components can be used flexibly – regardless of the topology. By means of subnet isolation, the programming of the segments can be restricted. In addition, […]

KNX Association invites you to the KNX RF Multi Seminar

Hybrid event: 16 May 2023, 9:00am – 3:00pm KNX Association has organised a KNX RF Multi Seminar on the 16th of May, where manufacturers will unveil their KNX RF Multi products which will become available this year. The ETS Tool Manager will present ETS6 and its KNX RF Multi support in action. The portfolio of KNX-certified […]

Schneider Electric Offers SpaceLogic KNX BMS IP Gateway for Easy EcoStruxure Integration

When it comes to commercial properties, today’s building management systems (BMS) deliver actionable insights that can help building owners and operators make better business decisions. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ BMS platform leverages advances in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud computing, analytics, and cybersecurity to bring the power of digital transformation to commercial buildings, lowering engineering and maintenance costs and […]

Theben LUXORliving smart home system supports energy monitoring with KNX

KNX system and energy monitoring bring savings as well as more comfort and safety. The Dutch housing company Woonborg built 36 new flats in Nieuw-Roden, Drenthe, and 32 flats in Haren, Groningen. In terms of energy efficiency, not only the mandatory BENG standard was taken into account, but also the stricter NOM (Zero-on-the-Meter) standard. To […]