Hotels: how KNX can improve the bottom line

Simon Buddle explains how KNX automation can make significant overall cost-savings for hotels and improve their profitability. Hotels come in different shapes and sizes. Form the slightly grumpy seaside B&B to the most elegant a swanky five-star city type. I’m more of a tent and stinky dog sort of holiday person, but for those who […]

Control4 + KNX brings ease of control to a stunning Belgian home

House BE in the Belgian countryside combines brick, wood and concrete along with natural tones to create a stunning, contemporary property that offers indoor-outdoor living at its best. Internal courtyards, a kitchen terrace and extensive landscaped grounds sit alongside a home cinema, a basement wellness area and bar, and open-plan living spaces to create a […]

Exploring the expansion of the KNX IoT ecosystem

Jesus Arias takes a look at how the significant expansion of KNX IoT opens up new avenues for innovation, collaboration, and market growth. The extension of KNX IoT marks a significant evolution in the landscape of home and building automation technology, and solidifies KNX’s position as the largest ecosystem in the industry, offering unparalleled opportunities […]

Theben LUXORliving Smart Start offers simply retrofit of KNX Smart Home via RF

The growing demands for sustainable construction are increasing the importance of renovating and retrofitting existing buildings. With the radio-based KNX Smart Home system LUXORliving Smart Start, apartments, single and multi-family homes, classrooms, stores or offices can be retrofitted with KNX-based Smart Home functions, even if no KNX installation is available. LUXORliving Smart Start is based […]

ise adds new ‘graphs’ feature to SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access

There’s great news about the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access: In addition to a renaming of the Remote Access tools and an update of the product website, the new “graphs” feature is available with firmware version 7! So the must-have for the smart home is simply better. Know what’s going on – thanks to clear […]

KNX and Matter: Position Paper

Joost Demarest and Casto Cañavate provide a high-level comparison of KNX and Matter, discuss how the two technologies can work together, and show why a KNX ecosystem is still the logical choice over the long term. Anything that helps with the democratisation of smart home technology is a welcome move. For thirty plus years, KNX […]

Assisted Living: KNX is the ideal technology

Simon Buddle explains how technology can help with the quality of care for the elderly, and why KNX is the ideal backbone. Old age creeps up on the lucky ones. So many tragically die before their time, before they’ve experienced the joys and wonder of a fulfilled life. Wars, famines, or the ravages of climate […]

Installation: enhance your KNX offering by integrating door intercom

Simon Buddle discusses why systems integrators should consider adding door intercom as part of their KNX offer. If you had to boil an industry down to a single word what would that be for KNX? I would be the first to say that I’m quite robust in terms of not crossing boundaries into other systems, […]