Lighting: creating amazing aesthetics for the home using KNX and LED tape

As LED tape is now ubiquitous in new lighting schemes, Simon Buddle explains how combining it with the flexibility of KNX can lead to stunning effects that are more cost-effective than other solutions. The slow transition to LED, I would say, is pretty much complete. I haven’t seen an incandescent lamp installed in a new […]

Interra offers KNX Binary/Analog Input Module – 6 Channel

Interra KNX Binary/Analog Input Module – 6 Channel makes your home smart. KNX Binary Input is used to interface the contacts to KNX bus substructure such as push buttons, switches etc. to make them communicating devices. The thermostat feature can be utilised with an internal or external temperature. Connect switches, buttons, and more to your […]

KNX RF Multi: the next generation KNX RF standard

Jens Kamenik explains the evolution of KNX RF into KNX RF Multi, what products are  available and how they are typically used. Traditional KNX installations have relied on twisted-pair (TP) cable for communication with KNX devices and powering them. This method is simple, reliable and robust. There are, however, situations where no cable, or at […]

Theben announces KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators in TP and RF versions

Perfect for new buildings and retrofitting: Theben KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators in TP and RF versions The demand for KNX systems in combination with DALI lighting control is constantly growing. The new KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators from Theben offer a simple and cost-effective alternative to KNX/DALI gateways where these would be oversized due to a small number […]

Tyba offers KNX integration with Turn 2 room controller

Turn 2 provides convenient room control from a single beautifully designed interface. You can control lights, climate, shades and audio using the rotary ring and touch display. Tyba has partnered with the best in the business to provide simple and reliable integration straight out of the box. Bus Connectors make installation easy. Once installed, simply […]

Home Assistant collaborates with KNX

Home Assistant, open source home automation software, announces that the KNX Association has officially endorsed the KNX integration in Home Assistant. The KNX Association will collaborate with the KNX team at Home Assistant to help with the maintenance of the KNX integration and further streamline the user experience. The KNX integration in Home Assistant allows users to use […]

KNX Incubator Programme and KNX Startups grows rapidly

New partnership with Silicon Catalyst increases the reach of KNX’s successful startup programme An advanced network of startups from around the world, plenty of new KNX products, solutions and devices, and numerous strategic partnerships: In just two years, the KNX IoT Startup Incubator has become an important platform for supporting young, innovative and ambitious companies […]

KNX IoT: Part 5 – creating a heterogeneous installation by using a KNX IoT Router

In the fifth of this series of articles on KNX IoT, Bruno Johnson and Wouter van der Beek explain the role of the KNX IoT router. Digital transformation has been one of the main strategy topics on company board meeting agendas for the last few years. The opportunity to develop digital services from cloud-based applications […]