ABB Offers IP Switches for DIN-Rail Installations

The IP infrastructure plays an important role in the reliability and availability of all building functions. This is driving the requirement for a cost-effective IP infrastructure within the distribution board or de-central installation boards. The ABB IP switches are two industrial-grade, 8 Ports, Fast Ethernet (100 Mbits), unmanaged switches (with and without PoE) designed for […]

Eelectron Introduces 2-Channel KNX-DALI Gateway

Eelectron is glad to announce the extension of its products portfolio with the new 2-channel KNX-DALI gateway for controlling up to 128 DALI drivers. The DALI Gateway IC02D01DAL is a device used to control electronic ballasts (ECGs) with a DALI interface (in accordance with EN 62386) via the KNX installation bus. The device converts switching and dimming […]

Intesis Improves LG VRF to KNX Interface

Intesis has improved the LG VRF to KNX Interface, which enables full control and monitoring of up to 16 or 64 indoor units from any KNX device or system. The interface is compatible with all LG controllers and keeps the KNX system permanently updated with the latest parameters, not only from all the connected indoor […]

Ekinex Offers Konnect4 IP/KNX Interface for KNX and Control4 Installation

Ekinex offers an advanced IP/KNX interface for KNX and/or Control4 installation. Konnect4 is a webserver designed to offer a suite of connectivity and functional services to a Control4 supervision system, when used in combination with Ekinex KNX devices. With Konnect4 it is possible to: Send commands and receive information from KNX devices through ETS Send […]

Steinel Expands its Range of High-Frequency Presence Detectors and Adds Black Colour Option

KNX presence detectors from STEINEL impress with square detection and detect even the smallest movements. They are used in offices, classrooms and wherever people are predominantly seated. Their detection can be scaled mechanically without any loss of quality. As a revolutionary sensor the True Presence® even detects the presence of a person without any movement at all. […]

Ingenium Offers Bes VIIP Touch Panel Combining Home Automation Control and Video Intercom

Advanced home automation control and video intercom in a single touch device VIIP is a new range of touch screens with integrated WEB server and support for SIP communications. This allows the screen to also act as a video intercom, offering call forwarding when connected to a network with a third-party SIP outdoor unit. Versatility in visualization and protocols […]

ZF Provides Flexibility, Cost and Energy Efficiency with Battery-Free KNX-RF Pushbutton Module

Big topics of discussion within the lighting sector include sustainability, energy efficiency, low cost systems, connectivity and convenience through flexibility. One solution to address these issues, is the wireless and battery-free RF pushbutton module designed by ZF. For the connection between lighting components and pushbuttons in buildings, cables are the established solution. This variant seems […]

First Certified IoT Platform to Combine OCF and Thread Capabilities Offers Significant Step Towards Achieving the Vision of IP-BLIS

Pioneers strong security offering for low power, large area IP-based mesh networks OCF welcomes the certification of the first ever standards-based, low power IoT platform to combine the end-to-end security benefits of Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) technology and the low power and wide-area coverage advantages of Thread. Its availability creates an unprecedented opportunity for the […]

Tools of the Trade: finding the right product set

Simon Buddle suggests that KNX professionals take into account engineering, aesthetics and business considerations when choosing a product set. As a child, I would spend many a Saturday night home alone. My grandad would pop down to the pub for a couple of hours whilst my nan would go off to the bingo hall. They […]

JUNG Offers Secure Remote Maintenance of KNX Systems

Hackers stop at nothing! To effectively protect the digital infrastructure in buildings against attacks, facility planners should rely on KNX IP Secure already during installation. It encrypts data communication in the network and ensures secure transmission of all KNX telegrams. Up to eight tunnelling connections can be used for encryption. Using the JUNG KNX IP […]