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IPAS adds DaliControl e64 Pro to its family of KNX-DALI gateways

The DaliControl e64 Pro expands the family of KNX-DALI gateways designed by IPAS.

DaliControl e64 Pro supports KNX Secure and, as the first fully DALI-2-capable gateway, allows the integration of motion detectors, light sensors and other DALI-2 input devices in addition to lighting control.

The additional Ethernet connection offers direct and secure communication with the gateway. When commissioning the DaliControl e64 Pro, you have the choice of using the integrated web server, the control panel with display or the ETS app.

From the simple execution of switching and dimming functions to complex colour light controls and human-centric lighting (HCL), the DaliControl e64 Pro offers a complete range of functionality.

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