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Ekinex Introduces Delégo for Complete Building Control Ensuring Safety, Wellness and Comfort

Many functions, one solution

A system that allows you to manage all the technology of a property in a simple and intuitive way. Manage the lighting, control the climate, create a scenario, monitor safety and consumption: these are just some of the functions managed by Delégo.

The system offers the possibility to realize scenarios, logical sequences, check and set different parameters, mathematical operations, and time schedules through simple and intuitive graphic tools. It allows the notification of events and alarms.

At the heart of the system: Delégo server

Delégo is a supervision web server for Home and Building Automation able to integrate and control different technologies in a single system.

Based on KNX standards, it features a set of instructions used in supervision systems and allows a quick import of the project from ETS. Through the RS485 port (Modbus interface), the Ethernet port and the availability of dedicated protocols, it communicates natively with devices used for security (intrusion detection and video surveillance systems), IP video entry system (through VOIP support), multimedia content diffusion, air conditioning and temperature control, energy consumption measurement and metering, etc..

The system can process and execute voice commands being natively supported the communication with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants.

Compatible with Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS operating systems, the configuration of Delégo is made through web pages using common browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.). The use of Delégo is done through a free App (compatible with IoS or Android) and through any type of device (smartphone, tablet or dedicated panels).

Delégo Panel: Style and technology in the palm of your hand

Delégo panel is a wall-mounted touch controller whose minimalist design makes it suited to any style. It is designed to ensure maximum performance at all times. Thanks to Delégo panel you can control all the automation functions of the entire structure. Available in 5″ and 8″ versions.

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