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Eelectron Launches Compact Push Button Interface and KNX Energy Meter

Eelectron has launched two new compact products for the KNX market: the Push Button interface and the KNX Energy Meter.


Push Button Interface

The new Eelectron compact Push Button interface is available in two versions:

• The IO44D01KNX device includes 4 digital inputs for dry contacts and 4 outputs for LEDs.

• The IO22D01KNX device includes the same software functions of IO44D01KNX, but with 2 inputs and 2 LEDs outputs rather than 4.

Both devices are extremely compact in size, measuring only 34x34x11mm, and can also be used in installations where the in-wall space available is reduced.

The digital inputs can interface with sensors, traditional buttons, etc; and the 4 low-voltage output channels can drive LEDs for synoptic panels or switches.

• 2 or 4 dry contact inputs
• 2 or 4 LED outputs
• Possibility to enable and disable a single input
• 8 logic functions available
• Pulse counter
• Step by step ON/OFF combinations.

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Compact KNX Energy Meter

The new Eelectron compact KNX Energy Meter is available in three versions:

• PM10D01KNX for monitoring a single-phase electrical installation up to 63A.

• PM30D01KNX for monitoring a three-phase electrical installation with direct connection up to 63A.

• PM30D02KNX for monitoring a three-phase electrical installation with TA connection.

• Compact shape comprising 2 and 4 DIN modules.
• On-board backlit LCD display for visualisation.
• Integrated KNX interface.
• Self-powered (by the input voltage itself).

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