Case Study: 5-Star Hotel in Greece Automated with KNX and a Custom GUI

By Flavio Sanches, ComfortClick. Euphoria Resort is an all-inclusive 287-room holiday complex that is perched on the seashore of Kolymbari on the Greek island Crete. Owned by the Mathioulakis Group, Euphoria Resort was opened in April 2018 and was designed for comfort and happiness, with modern and sophisticated rooms and suites, pools and lush gardens. […]

Trade Talk: Why Utility Metering Makes Sense

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. “Turn that light off! Money doesn’t grow on trees you know” was often bellowed at me as a youngster. My Nan and Granddad lived in a three-bed terraced house, and a quick count of lights probably worked out at about six upstairs and another four downstairs – so let’s […]

Iridium Mobile Launches iRidium Server UMC – a KNX Multipurpose Logic Controller

Iridum Mobile has announced the European launch of iRidium server UMC, a controller for automation systems, including KNX and IoT devices. iRidium server UMC supports KNX, BACnet, Modbus and MQTT, and has a built-in Global Caché IR database. It supports javascript, block schemes, and has a built-in engine for schedules and rules. An extensive API, […]

Perspective: Women in the KNX Workplace

By Nikita Thompson, Hughes Electra Limited. To see a building be transformed from nothing into a fully-controllable apartment and thinking ‘I was involved in making that happen’ is really rewarding. This industry provides fantastic opportunities for women, but as a female professional in the world of construction and engineering, we are in the minority. According […]

Case Study: Lighting Control for a Zero-energy Building using B.E.G. Presence Detectors

By Christoph Börsch, B.E.G. Sulzer is a family-run business with 40 employees, and is an established provider of technical engineering services such as planning, consulting and construction management. Headed by Harald Sulzer, the company’s goal is to achieve optimal coordination between the technical trades in order to provide a one-stop source. The Brief Having decided […]

Eelectron Launches Compact Push Button Interface and KNX Energy Meter

Eelectron has launched two new compact products for the KNX market: the Push Button interface and the KNX Energy Meter. Push Button Interface The new Eelectron compact Push Button interface is available in two versions: • The IO44D01KNX device includes 4 digital inputs for dry contacts and 4 outputs for LEDs. • The IO22D01KNX device […]

Trade Talk: The Smart Home Jigsaw

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. We live in a time when the terms ‘smart home’ and ‘connected home’ are freely dropped into conversation. Indeed the word ‘smart’ seems to be ubiquitous in current marketing parlance; I had a bottle of ‘smart’ water just the other day. Really? I mean, come on! Anyway, before we […]