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KNX Association Presents New Green Technology Solutions for Home and Building Control at ISE 2015

The worldwide Standard for Home and Building Control KNX provides variable control of multimedia technology throughout the entire home and building. KNX manufacturers are developing solutions for so-called multi- room systems which are becoming increasingly simple and convenient – for both the user as well as the installer.

KNX Association ISE 2015

At the Integrated Systems Europe 2015 (ISE 2015) show in Amsterdam (10 – 12 February), KNX members are showing solutions at the KNX joint booth for visualisation on portable devices (smartphones, tablets and PCs), remote communication as well as audio/video applications in home automation, which are becoming increasingly simple and convenient for a green home and building automation. The KNX joint booth can be found in Hall 12 booth C92.

Dakanimo, Germany

Hamburg manufacturer Dakanimo is presenting its kamereon switch with new high-value functional details: where previously only the local input control value was displayed, now optionally the wheel shows the last value. In addition, after the set ‘lag time’ after an object had been operated, now the switch also has the ability to jump back to the overall colour scheme. The sensitivity, and thus the speed of operation, is also increased by 2/3, and thus suits digitally-experienced users.

Elsner Elektronik GmbH, Germany

With its sleek housing, the Suntracer KNX sl provides an air of discreet elegance, supporting rather than detracting from the overall effect of a building’s architecture. The weather station is equipped with a GPS receiver and sensors for measuring brightness, wind speed, temperature, precipitation and air pressure. The unit’s software offers a shading control for up to eight façades with tracking of the slats and shadow edge and additional functions such as a timer, logic gates and comparators.

A new software version of the Corlo Touch KNX display brings the automatic settings to the screen. Thus the user themselves can readjust and make changes in the room automatic – independently from the ETS settings of the integrator. The extended model of the room controller, Corlo Touch KNX WL, offers a Wi-Fi connector in addition to the KNX interface. The wireless connection can be used for example for the mobile control via a smartphone or tablet PC. The Corlo Mobile App gets all functions of Corlo Touch to the mobile device and allows for comfortable access to the room automatic and manual operation.

EMT controls, Turkey

HCM115-2 and HCM115-4 are new members of the DALI – KNX gateways by EMT Controls. These devices can target big applications such as shopping centres, hotels and airports. They provide 2 and 4 DALI channels, 128 and 256 ballasts respectively. It is easy and reliable solution to use KNX as backbone for the automation and control the ballasts using the DALI bus. Bonus: HCM115 series has built-in USB port, so no need for DALI-USB cables during commissioning and troubleshooting.

GuestComfort Eco, the next generation hospitality energy saving solution, removes and supersedes traditional card holding energy saver relays. With programmable energy saving scenarios, it emphasizes HVAC automation and maintains higher level of comfort. Its design allows installation both in new constructions and existing buildings. With the KNX based on-line interface check-in / check-out scenarios can be implemented, real-time occupancy information can be used to tailor room services and hotel staff task plans. Compatible with card holders and EMT Controls patented RealPresence+ thermal based occupancy sensor.

Pulsar Engineering srl, Italy

ThinKnx is a universal supervisor for building automation that allows to manage all the functions of the systems integrated into smart homes or buildings. Through simple and appealing, highly customizable, multiplatform interfaces and thanks to powerful and reliable servers, ThinKnx can interact and connect KNX devices with other standard buses, security devices, CCTV, HVAC, Audio/Video entertainment devices, doorcoms etc. allowing bidirectional communication among them. ThinKnx system represents a real advantage for the building owner improving building efficiency, security and safety. It helps also system integrators that, through very intuitive and versatile tools, are guided to create outstanding user interfaces easy to deploy, maintain and to fulfil all the customers’ expectations.

Brickbox is the new ThinKnx product that allows to control from KNX devices that do not support KNX protocol natively. Brickbox operates as a smart gateway that embeds all the advanced integrations of ThinKnx supervision system in a very simple and modular way. Using Brickbox it is possible to bi-directionally control audio sources like Sonos and Nuvo, multimedia devices and IR transmitter, security panels and systems based on other bus like ModBus, SCS (BTicino MyHome), ethernet or serial. It can be used as data collector (logger) or system integrity verifier (pinger). Brickbox provides services like scenery, generic gateway, push notifications, SMS, logic functions etc. already presents in ThinKnx supervision system.

Simon S.A., Spain

Simon has sparked its imagination to create a new, more innovative touch interface concept: the new Sense collection. The power of the senses inspires the first modular collection that manages to combine two concepts: touch interface and ergonomics designed for personal use. Thanks to its modularity, Sense allows users to mix and match various features for enhanced comfort and control: controls lighting, air conditioning and blinds in any space. It also offers interaction with users, alerting them of the action being performed: By tapping or sliding the screen, users receive haptic feedback through vibration or LED light. The collection offers three versions (Regular, Custom and Personal) which allow users to customise the lighting, temperature and blinds in every room.

Tci GmbH, Germany

With the 7 and 10 inch touch panels pureKNX tci offers a cost-effective solution to equip KNX installations with a graphical user interface. Without additional engineering effort, the parameterisation of the visualization is done directly with the ETS software. The visualization and user interface are created automatically. If the customer decides at a later time to use an individual surface, the automatically generated visualization can be adapted by an editor. Mobile apps for Android and iOS enable users to operate via smart phone or tablet with the same “look and feel”. The assembly of the touch panel is done in the wall with the tci in-wall box.

TENSE Top Design Switches BVBA, Belgium

TENSE has created a gold and brushed gold version of its INTENSITY touch button switch and its INFINITY room controller. The multi-colour LED’s of the 1/2/4 touch zones are lightened up when touched, turning the INTENSITY & INFINITY into a special and pure pleasure for the eyes. TENSE offers a wide range of functions on the touch buttons making it more than just a light switch!

TENSE launched a new MOTIVITY detector in 2 versions! Ceiling: Brightness control, t° sensor and motion detection in one! Diameter of only 16mm, action radius of 8m at a height of maximum 4 meters with a 360° view! Wall: Motion detection and t° sensor in one! Available in glass, aluminium, stone and corian.

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