KNX Association extends KNX secure with a free online training and security check tool

Two additional KNX security tools for a safer smart living experience! In the age of smart living, homes and buildings become more and more connected. The global demand for innovative building automation solutions based on KNX is increasing rapidly, with countless applications and equipment available. But like any other communication technology, smart homes and buildings […]

Frost & Sullivan presents KNX with 2023 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its superior and disruptive smart home and building technology

KNX is building a sustainable future for smart living by addressing the lack of standardised protocols and boosting integration of devices, security of data and installations as well as optimal use of energy for home and building automation system solutions.  Frost & Sullivan recently researched the smart home and buildings communication protocol industry and, based on […]

KNX Association invites you to play the daily KNX Advent Calendar Game

The holiday period is around the corner and this is the ideal opportunity for KNX Association to hand out gifts to you. With the support of our KNX Members, we invite you to play the KNX Advent Calendar Game, where you can win KNX Devices every day. How does the game work? Visit the KNX Advent Calendar Game […]

LUKA Energy Manager wins KNX Hackathon

Luc Vercruyssen, industrial engineer and Director of CDI-Projects, explains how the consumption of self-generated power in a home can typically be increased to 90% using a KNX installation controlled by the LUKA Energy Manager, and that’s before even further savings through dynamic tariffs are taken into account. We can show that when using a PV system, […]

KNX Association announces availability of first KNX IoT devices

The KNX universe is expanding: first KNX IoT devices are out now! Interest in KNX IoT is growing among manufacturers and developers, while THREAD-partnership opens new opportunities. With the very first KNX IoT devices introduced and the latest system components already in use, KNX IoT has reached the next milestone and gained momentum in shaping […]

KNX Association invites you to register for KNXperience 2023

KNXperience returns for a third time to present the latest innovations from KNX Association and our KNX Members. Our bi-yearly online tradeshow and conference for smart living will now be spread over 4 days in September and October, with each day featuring a unique theme with esteemed speakers, alongside a multitude of digital exhibition booths […]

KNX Incubator Programme and KNX Startups grows rapidly

New partnership with Silicon Catalyst increases the reach of KNX’s successful startup programme An advanced network of startups from around the world, plenty of new KNX products, solutions and devices, and numerous strategic partnerships: In just two years, the KNX IoT Startup Incubator has become an important platform for supporting young, innovative and ambitious companies […]