KNX Builds a Pioneering Bridge Between Smart Building and E-mobility

From the photovoltaic system to the charging station to the electric vehicle: intelligent, safe and cost-saving control of charging processes with KNX energy management For the European Commission, electromobility is a crucial pillar on the way to an emission-free economy in 2050. It can make road traffic and transport cleaner and cheaper. But it can […]

JUNG Introduces Smart Panel 8: Attractive and Smart

The JUNG KNX touch display Smart Panel 8 is the solution for the visualisation of the KNX system. A server is not required. The Smart Panel 8 enables the control of the building functions and it can be installed in existing housing (e.g. switch boxes according to EN 60670-1 or JUNG built-in housing EBG 24). […]

KNX Association Invites You to the KNX AV Solutions Integration Conference

The KNX AV Solutions Integration Conference will take place online on 8th and 9th June, and will run from 9:00 to 14:00 CEST on both days.  KNX allows you to have the best AV control systems without compromising on other home and building automation functions, such as lighting, shade control, security, energy management, HVAC and much more. Whether you […]

KNX Vision 2025: Ready for Shaping the Future of Smart Living!

By 2025, KNX will be the key driver for intelligent, networked and sustainable living and working and globally the customers’ first choice in the smart home and building market. This is the vision of the newly elected executive board of the KNX Association, which is responsible for the development and promotion of the world’s leading […]

KNX Association Invites You to the First Online KNX HVAC Solutions Conference

The KNX HVAC Solutions Conference will take place on 30 & 31 March, from 9:00 to 13:00 CEST.  This is the perfect opportunity to get informed about your options and the trends in HVAC solutions, using KNX as a future-proof standardized technology that can work with not only the HVAC systems, but all applications in home and building control.  […]

KNX Association Seeks a KNX Engineer to Join its Tools Team

General skills Good documentation skills Ability to work autonomously, as well as an active team player Like interacting with people High customer and service orientation Work in a structured way Technical and Software skills Experience with KNX and ETS is an asset A degree in electrical or computer engineering Comprehensive abstract reasoning Experience with project […]

KNXtoday Partners with KNX Association

KNXtoday and KNX Association are pleased to announce a partnership agreement that will see KNXtoday magazine now being published by KNX Association. The partnership will improve KNX Association’s communications of its strategies, plans, events and news to the KNX community and beyond through a programme of high-quality content delivered via the KNXtoday digital channels. KNX […]

KNXis30: Thirty Years full of Innovations

KNX Association has celebrated its 30th anniversary with monthly social media activities, a digital trade show and a 10-hour online streaming marathon Thirty years of innovation, thirty years of success: For more than three decades, KNX has been shaping the industry of home and building automation around the world. From its beginning in 1990, countless […]