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LUKA Energy Manager wins KNX Hackathon

Luc Vercruyssen, industrial engineer and Director of CDI-Projects, explains how the consumption of self-generated power in a home can typically be increased to 90% using a KNX installation controlled by the LUKA Energy Manager, and that’s before even further savings through dynamic tariffs are taken into account.

We can show that when using a PV system, annual energy costs can be reduced further by adding a home battery; then further still by using energy management to increase peak shaving; and yet more by using energy management to take full advantage of dynamic tariffs.

Using a KNX installation comprising a charging station, heat pump and home battery, all managed by the CDI-Projects LUKA Energy Manager, we showed that we could make total savings for an average household of around EUR1000 per year by:

  • Increasing self-generated energy usage from 70% to 90%
  • Decreasing peaks in grid usage by 100%
  • Reducing the cost of grid energy usage by 30%

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