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KNX puts sustainable solutions for smart homes and buildings in the spotlight at Light + Building 2024

This year, at the Light + Building trade fair, KNX is set to make a significant impact by showcasing the landscape of the KNX ecosystem (hall 12.0, B91) from March 3rd to March 8th. The forthcoming trade fair is expected to attract over 220,000 visitors, where they will be introduced to the latest developments KNX IoT products and solutions. Be the first to experience the future of energy management where you can see in action new application on energy generation, energy optimisation and energy storage. Moreover, 25 KNX members will showcase their numerous KNX innovations and KNX products at the KNX booth and more than 140 KNX Members will be present with an own booth, highlighting the diversity and efficacy of KNX as the smart home and building solution on a worldwide scale.

IoT, Energy Management & Secure, the 3 pillars of KNX

At the main KNX booth, we are excited to unveil our range of working KNX IoT devices, each embodying the latest advancements in technology with applications in human-centric lighting, digital twin modelling, and indoor air quality improvement. In addition to these innovations, we will also present our new energy management applications focused on energy generation, optimization, and storage. All these are integrated into a secure ecosystem, commissioned by the new ETS6.2. This showcase represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of smart building solutions and sustainable energy management.

A Vision of Sustainability: Our Eco-Friendly Exhibition Space

In our commitment to sustainability, we extend our principles not only through our home and building solutions, but also in the very design of our booth. Our booth has been thoughtfully constructed to mirror these values. Utilising recycled materials, the booth is a tangible representation of our dedication to a more sustainable tomorrow. Furthermore, it has been designed for versatility and longevity, with every component crafted for reuse across multiple events. We invite you to experience for yourself that innovation and ecological responsibility can go hand in hand.

Discover revolutionary updates in ETS and join the KNX Championship

Another highlight for attendees at Light + Building 2024 will be the ETS section located within the central KNX booth in hall 12.0. This area provides an opportunity for attendees to explore the most recent updates of ETS6.2 and a preview of what’s to come in ETS6.3, which includes innovations like Smart linking, enhancements in cloud capabilities, and the introduction of KNX IoT as a new medium. Those visiting the booth will have the unique chance to secure a 30% discount on ETS6. Additionally, the ETS space will serve as a platform for engaging directly with the developers of ETS6, allowing for inquiries and feedback. Moreover, attendees can participate in the KNX Championship, a competitive event challenging participants to complete an installation in a set period. Participants will have the chance to win an ETS6 Professional.

Building bridges and sharing knowledge in the KNX Community: from starters to experts

KNX will host presentations, conference sessions, and discussions led by leading KNX experts, offering insights into the KNX technology. For those new to KNX, we offer detailed introductions to KNX home and building automation technology, information on training, and details about the new KNX NextGen education program for students. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to developers, highlighting the KNX Association’s development program which supports innovative companies through the KNX startup incubator program, focusing on KNX-based IoT solutions.

Meet KNX in more than 140 locations around the fairgrounds

To ensure you don’t miss out on the exciting KNX highlights at Light + Building 2024, KNX Association is delighted to offer free tickets to KNX community members, available at to make sure every visitor will have the opportunity to visit our KNX stand in hall 12.0 B91 from March 3rd to March 8th.

At the KNX booth C92 in hall 11.1KNX professionals will offer detailed explanations on the aspects of KNX energy management solutions, emphasizing the capability to increase sustainability with KNX in various ways.

At hall 11.0 C07, visitors will find another KNX highlight, the ZVEH E-House where KNX professionals will also showcase energy management applications in a real house on the fairgrounds.

At the position 11.Via B01, visitors can also find KNX at the KNX Deutschland booth, the booth of the KNX National Group Germany which will be present with its own members showcasing the latest trends of the KNX devices and solutions in Germany.

Lastly, to meet not only the 25 KNX Members co-exhibiting at the KNX booth (12.0 B91), visitors can also download a list of all 140 co-exhibitors present with their own booth on the fairground (list available at:

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