Business: KNX Association in partnership with Silicon Catalyst to boost startups

Jesus Arias discusses the new strategic partnership between Silicon Catalyst and KNX Association that will boost startups in the home and building technology vertical. The KNX IoT Startup Incubator, which was launched in 2021, is growing rapidly thanks to strategic global partnerships. The startups that are part of the KNX IoT Startup Incubator portfolio are […]

Keeping installations safe: the importance of security for KNX professionals

Steven De Bruyne discusses why every KNX installation should be evaluated for security, and what measures KNX Association has taken to ensure they can remain safe. There are many ways in which a building automation system can be attacked. The most typical  is being hacked via unprotected Internet access, but there are other ways too, […]

Beginner’s Guide: Audio for the KNX professional Part 2 – Hi-Fi

In Part 2 of this three-part series aimed at KNX professionals without a hi-fi background, Simon Buddle looks at high-fidelity audio. Continuing from the last article in which I covered distributed audio, let’s now talk about Hi-Fi, what it is and how it fits in with the world of KNX. As I mentioned last time, […]

Technology: KNX RF Multi in action

Yasmin Hashmi summarises the recent KNX RF Multi event that was hosted by KNX Association. Hosted by KNX Association, the ‘KNX RF Multi in action’ event took place online and in-person at the Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City on 16 May 2023. The first half was aimed mainly at KNX professionals, whilst the second half was […]

Business: evolution of the KNX IoT Startup Incubator

Jesus Arias explains how the KNX Association’s KNX IoT Startup Incubator is growing and helping new companies to innovate quickly and cooperate with other KNX community members. About two years ago, we started something new: the KNX Startup Incubator. Since then, the incubator has gained new partners, sponsors, service providers and, most importantly, new and […]

KNX IoT: Part 4 – the architecture of KNX IoT devices

In part 4 of this series on KNX IoT, Bruno Johnson and Wouter van der Beek explain the architecture of KNX IoT devices and show how KNX IoT is compatible with KNX Classic systems. Digital transformation has been one the main strategy topics on company board meeting agendas for the last few years. The opportunity […]

Interview: Hans-Joachim Langels on KNX Germany

It may come as a surprise to some, but KNX Germany was only formed last year. In this exclusive interview, KNX Deutschland chair, Hans-Joachim Langels, provides an insight into the organisation’s founding and aims. KNXtoday: How popular is KNX in Germany and how is the market developing? HJL: The use of KNX is Germany is […]