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JUNG Integrates KNX and DALI in Dortmund

An impressive detached house has been built in the Ruhr region. Everything here takes place in superlatives: The rooms are unusually large, the materials and surfaces of the particularly highest quality. The design is coordinated to the smallest detail amongst the planners, architects and clients. The technical equipment corresponds to the latest smart home generation.

The KNX system controls the intelligent building: the automation of daily processes brings a high level of convenience and energy efficiency. The blinds thus automatically block out the light as soon as the sun is too high in the sky. In addition the planners rely on DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). The protocol for controlling lighting equipment regulates brightness as well as colour temperature and brings its strengths into play specifically in the residential sector. Colour temperature control has particular application here. The JUNG KNX DALI Gateway TW (Tunable White) sets the correct lighting level. The gateway offers the option to adjust the relative brightness and colour temperature via the dimming function. Alternatively, the setting can be made at pre-determined values. The lighting of the Dortmund smart home is also energy-efficient: a presence-dependent constant lighting control function automatically reduces the illumination level as soon as more daylight enters the room.

Visualises with the JUNG Smart Visu Server

These processes run fully automatically in a JUNG KNX system. You don’t initially see or hear anything of it. Why is this? Ultimately, the smart home should automatically ensure the right level of convenience. However occasionally you may wish to take a closer look or manually influence one or other of the processes. The Smart Visu visualises and controls these processes in the smart home. The clients would also like this option. Together with the app of the same name, Smart Visu Server, you can control all of the building technology functions with a smartphone or tablet. The light isn’t optimal in the living room? With a few taps, the lamps are optimally dimmed – comfortably from the sofa or remotely: the occupants rely on remote access via myJUNG. The encrypted acccess to the Smart Visu Server via JUNG’s server is safe, reliable and also possible remotely.

Intuitive control via push-buttons and touch displays

The clients have decided on the JUNG push-button F50 for the classic operation of the functions via control units on the wall. Put succinctly, the JUNG KNX push-button F 50 is a multifunctional control unit for controlling light, shading, temperature and many other functions in a KNX system. The layout of the push-buttons and the clear lines lead the user to the relevant function. Colour LEDs indicate the switching state. In this way, the overall look of the JUNG KNX F 50 push-button is very homogenous. A special highlight is represented by a wireless push-button that seems to have been placed floating on the pane of an interior glass separating wall. The electrical installation fits seamlessly into the interior thanks to the matt colour tones.

Switch range with a matt finish

The frames and covers with the matt effect impress with their lacquer, which gives them a special quality. The high-quality visual appearance and the velvety touch underscore the special switching experience. The elegant lacquer in matt graphite black offers a well-balanced contrast in the interior. Switches and push-buttons in the classic JUNG LS 990 as well as the LS ZERO range are ideally integrated in the style of the detached ho-me.

The modern building is characterised by room height and extra-wide window formats. The already generous surfaces have an even more open effect as a result. The colours of floors, walls, fixtures and furnishings have been kept in various shades of grey. Ochre-coloured textiles, luminaires in an amber tone, art and decorative objects in brass as well as the natural colours of the fireplace set warm accents in the living area. The special surface of the JUNG switches in the matt graphite black finish precisely matches the modern, reduced style of the architectural and design language of this extravagant property.

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