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Elsner Elektronik Announces KNX eTR Push-Button Series for Price-Conscious Building Projects

The design of the KNX eTR 101 forms the basis for the new KNX eTR series. This means a fresh design, intuitive and internationally usable and awarded the iF Design Award 2020 and the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2019.That makes the series not only suitable for private residential buildings, but also and in particular for offices, public buildings and hotels with a KNX building bus system.

While the interface convinces the user with its simplicity, the KNX applications offer extensive setting options.  

The design language of the KNX eTR series matches current furnishing styles and the real glass surface is of high quality, hygienic and durable. The installation is also flexible, as it can be done with a box or directly on the wall. Thus the KNX eTR series is suitable for many small and large projects.

KNX eTR 101, 201 and 202 measure the temperature on site and control the heating and, if required, the cooling. The setpoint value is adjusted via the touch surfaces + and -. One and two-stage systems can be controlled. KNX eTR 201 and 202 have additional up/down touch surfaces for operating the sun protection (can also be used for windows). 

The KNX eTR M touch push-buttons are used to call up various functions in the KNX bus system. The push-buttons provide visual feedback via LEDs in the buttons. Functions and feedback signals can be individually configured in the ETS. A room temperature sensor is invisibly integrated in the push-buttons, the value of which can be used for functions in the KNX system.

The glass surface of the KNX eTR Light/Sunblind push-button is printed with function icons. Switching or dimming light, positioning sunshades and controlling the room temperature are thus made intuitively accessible with one push-button. The mode for operating blinds, shutters, awnings and windows can be configured individually, as can the switching or dimming behaviour and temperature control.

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