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Zennio Offers Range of KNX Thermostats for Comprehensive HVAC Control

HVAC management is almost certainly one of the main concerns within automation and a critical element of any control solution. The best most efficient VRV unit suddenly becomes worthless if it is not properly controlled and the most simple radiator installation can transform a house into living hell if not operated correctly.

Thermostats play an essential role in HVAC management, as they contain the algorithms to ensure a proper temperature regulation. When it comes to control solutions, such as KNX, it is of utmost importance that thermostats are both flexible and reliable. In the never-ending world of HVAC solutions, flexibility allows thermostats to cover as much different situations as possible (from the level of user control the solution will allow to the control variable outputs the thermostat will provide to the system) while reliability will guarantee a correct and smooth operation.

As aforementioned and opposed to the general belief, thermostats are algorithms, pieces of logic, small programs (more or less complex) written within the devices rather than the devices themselves. What is usually referred to as a thermostat is many times no other than a user interface to a thermostat, the front end device for the user to communicate with the thermostat, but the thermostat could, almost literally, be anywhere.

This is the case with Zennio products, while most front end Zennio devices have indeed got built-in thermostats, sometimes even 2 (such as the Z35 or the Z41), there are also many back-end devices that have built-in thermostats, allowing thermostatic control to take place in a device that is not exposed to the user (such as the RailQUAD 8, the HeatinBOX or the ALLinBOX to name a few).

Many front and back end Zennio products have built-in thermostats

In a system such as KNX this gives both the integrator and the end user an increased peace of mind, as the front end devices could be easily upgraded in the future (say in a 10-year old installation) without requiring a single change in HVAC management. Moreover, Zennio thermostats provide thousands of configuration options, making them suitable for any type of HVAC solution (from user control to thermostat output – PI Continuous, 2-point, PWM – ) therefore increasing the level of flexibility of your KNX solution.

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