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IMP Introduces Latest KNX Products from Vimar

IMP is proud to introduce the latest KNX products released from Vimar SpA, the Italian producer of decorative wiring devices, automation products and KNX certified devices.

The new products have been developed to embrace modern project demands and to further enhance Vimar’s extensive KNX product lines and technology. Furthermore, complimented by the Eikon 4D luxury range of finishing styles, the new products combine to make a complete system of visual and functional solutions created to harness the latest technology and product trends.

KNX – Well-contact plus

• 01546 – Weather station. Integrates into By-me and KNX.
• 02952 – 2 module RGB touch screen thermostat – On/Off, PWM and PID temperature control with external temp probe input. Display colour changes depending on energy use.
• 01529 – PIR – 360 degree motion range. 0-100Lux adjustable brightness range.
• 01521 – Actuator with 12 outputs for florescent lamps.
• 01525 – Actuator with 8 outputs for roller shutters.
• 01544 – Dali gateway – 8 channel for 16 lamps.
• 01547 – IP interface.

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