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B.E.G. Launches Plug-In KNX Sensor Box at Light+Building 2014

Building automation manufacturer B.E.G. will be launching a new KNX sensor box at the Light + Building show in Germany at the end of this month.

The latest product from the German manufacturer’s range of KNX solutions includes an integrated DALI/KNX gateway and can offer organisations and businesses energy savings of up to 30 per cent.

The KNX sensor box from B.E.G. is an intelligent building control system that is designed to give building managers complete control over the everyday working environment. The KNX sensor box puts all of these multi-task functions that used to be controlled separately into one system for maximum flexibility, operating performance and energy efficiency.

It covers all building services such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and metering as well as the operation of blinds, electrical appliances, windows, facades, AV/sound systems and many other functions. The box is ideal for commercial buildings, hotels, airports and rail networks, public building and residential houses.

The automatic lighting control can be time dependent during staff breaks and weekends, daylight dependent for busy working conditions and presence-dependent for corridors, staircases and rooms that are seldom used. The heating control can be presence dependent when it heats a room and the heating valves can be closed when a window is opened. Blinds or awnings slats can be automated in accordance with sunlight intensity.

There are no screws required to fit the B.E.G. KNX box as it can be mounted quickly and plugs straight into a suitable plug connection. The DALI lamps and conventional push buttons can be connected directly to the box so no additional KNX/DALI gateway and push button interface is necessary. 

By integrating the DALI lighting control into KNX systems makes operation and maintenance easier due to the visualisation of the operating statuses and faults. The illumination can also be activated immediately without ETS programming by means of the installation mode. 

The new KNX Application 5.0 from B.E.G. offers even more options as it has three additional switching channels which can selectively take into account daylight or not, for controlling lights,  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning devices (with time delay), or for reporting the occupancy state.

It is remote controllable allowing for easy programming and set values and lag times can be adapted for all channels during operation via a communication object. The KNX sensor box also has a burn-in function with selectable burn-in time from 1-100 hours via a communication object by means of ETS parameters for different types of lights.

B.E.G. UK Director, Paul Jones said: “The new B.E.G. KNX sensor box allows building managers full control over all its key electrical equipment in one system. The KNX sensor box is flexible, convenient and easy to operate.

“It is also simple to install as it plugs straight into a plug connection and with integration of the DALI gateway interface into the box it means the KNX is highly energy efficient.

“With organisations and businesses under continuing pressure to make savings on energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint, the B.E.G. KNX sensor box is the ideal solution for meeting these requirements.”

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