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Theben Shows a Raft of New KNX Solutions at Light+Building 2014

hall 8.0 Stand D 30, Light+Building 2014

Simpler, more elegant, more complete: The new Theben theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector

With the new theLuxa P300 KNX Performance range Theben AG now offer a motion detectors for energy-efficient outdoor lighting control. The motion detectors have a detection area of up to 16 m covering 300°. theLuxa P300 KNX can be perfectly integrated into KNX building automation. Performance devices can also be conveniently operated from floor level using the theSenda remote control.

Smaller, bigger, KNX compatible: The new ThebenHTS theMova indoor motion detector

ThebenHTS present the new theMova motion detector in a standard design with a circular 360º detection area of up to 8 m in the case of theMova S or up to 24 m in the case of theMova P. theMova S is also available in a ceiling installation and surface-mounted version, theMova P with a ceiling flush-mounted box or surface-mounted frame. Thanks to the new switch-mode power supply, the internal consumption value of theMova motion detectors is well under 0.2 W. This means that theMova motion detectors pay a considerable contribution towards saving energy. Through the use of a high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact, the theLuxa Performance detectors can switch high-capacity loads of up to 10 A and several lamps can be connected to one detector, for example, to light up larger areas such as loading bays or hotel facilities.

More extensive, more comprehensive, more versatile: The new ThebenHTS theRonda presence detector

ThebenHTS theRonda presence detectors are a convincing solution for presence-dependent, energy-efficient indoor lighting and climate control. They offer a 360º circular detection area of up to 24 m and are suitable for flush-mounting and ceiling installation. The product range includes one and two-channel presence detectors for lighting and presence switching, as well as for integration into KNX building automation. Thanks to the new switch-mode power supply, the internal consumption value of theRonda is well under 0.2 W. A high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact, allows you to switch high-capacity loads of up to 10 A.

An app to keep your smart home under control: theServa KNX visualisation from Theben

Theben theServa S110 KNX is the high-performance KNX visualisation solution for lighting, awning and climate control via smartphone and tablet. Energy consumption can be shown in graph form on the intuitive user interface of the app. The colours of the RGB LEDs can be conveniently mixed using the colour wheel and then saved. Integrated logic, scene and sequence modules make it possible to combine individual programs. Current weather data and forecasts can be linked via weather stations. Load management ensures automatic shutdown when thresholds are exceeded. theServa allows for the integration of IP cameras and offers alarm management with automatic SMS reports (only on iPad). theServa will be available as of autumn 2014.

Completely modular: 
Theben present a full range of MIX2 KNX actuators

The new MIX2 KNX actuators will have replaced our time-tested current actuators by the end of 2014. Theben will be offering a complete range for efficient switching and dimming of lighting, as well as heating and blind controls. The basic devices of the MIX2 actuators with a removable KNX bus coupling unit can be flexibly combined with the MIX2 extension modules of your choice. This means that considerably less infrastructure elements are needed and system costs are reduced. With the new FIX2 compact actuators, Theben offer an economical non-extendable model. They are put into use when only a basic module or a basic module plus a similar extension module are needed, or when the removable bus coupling unit or an additional extension module are not necessary.

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