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Design Innovation Integrates Control4 with KNX Home Automation System at Spicers House

KNX UK member Design Innovation’s ability to deliver seamless, fast integration of all building control systems using KNX has been underlined at Spicers House in Oxshott. Design Innovation’s service included the pre-assembly and programming of the installation off-site to the developer’s requirements, before delivering and commissioning a complete intelligent home. 
Design Innovation’s client was building a speculative residential property and looking for a home automation system which needed the minimum amount of installation before marketing the house. The solution also needed maximum future flexibility in order to offer prospective buyers the greatest simple expandability of the installed system. 
Richard Smith, Marchment Projects said: “As a speculative build, our focus for Spicers House was the ability to allow the purchaser to customise or expand the installed KNX home automation system with minimum expense and disruption. We have been impressed with Design Innovation’s approach to both the design and installation of a solution that offers vast opportunities for future upgrades without having to disturb the fabric of the building – thus giving our clients the ultimate in home technology, right now and way into the future.” 

The client was keen to reduce the wall clutter previously witnessed in large dwellings with multiple control systems and a major advantage of KNX is the use of a single switch in each room to provide lighting, scene setting, audio & visual controls, heating and cooling all from one location. There is no need for more than one controller on the walls and the elegant simplicity of Spicers House has been maintained.

A combined solution of Control4 with KNX was provided by Design Innovation. Both technologies allow huge possibilities for future expansion, and wiring has been included to cover the eventuality of additions being made. The completed installation has allowed connection for the control of underfloor heating, ventilation and cooling, lighting, blinds, access & CCTV, audio & AV distribution. A wall mounted panel has provided the perfect front end for the user to control all the elements all via over the KNX bus. Each room has basic scene setting and absence detection is available.
Within the kitchen more specific control is also available and access control has been incorporated for gate and door entry control by KNX throughout the property. A server has been installed to control the plant room, with weather compensation from the KNX weather station located outside. This server also controls the swimming pool area, including the DXF control of the colour change LEDs’ wall washing in this area.
The benefits of the KNX system include scene setting within each room with just one button needed to alter lighting, temperature and blinds to a preset level.  Scenes can be easily reprogrammed when the new owner occupies the property. All sensors will communicate with all systems, reducing number of sensors required and preventing systems being at odds with each other, such as heating and cooling being active at the same time.

The system is infinitely expandable and extensions to the building can be linked into the KNX system easily. Additions and upgrades to the system are easily implemented by connecting via the KNX cable. The Control4 and KNX are linked so that they can communicate, allowing KNX control to be managed from the Control4 user interface.
All the Control 4 racks and KNX distribution boards were assembled, programmed and tested at Design Innovation’s warehouse in Nottingham. All the build work was undertaken off-site, ensuring no disruption and Design Innovation came on site later in the programme to install the equipment quickly and easily. The total installation and commissioning took two men just 15 working days.
Richard Smith concluded: “Working with Design Innovation made the home automation process simple and efficient. They clearly understood our needs and provided the perfect solution with a stress-free installation. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

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