The IP-BLiS Initiative: preparing digitalised buildings for a cyber-secure future

Yasmin Hashmi of KNXtoday explains why a host of international standards have joined together to facilitate a cyber-secure future in smart buildings. The imperative for the digitalisation of buildings is clear; they generate nearly 40% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, and thanks to the COVID pandemic, places of work and leisure are having to be […]

Working from Home: bringing the home office up to standard using KNX

With so many more people working from home thanks to the pandemic, Simon Buddle discusses how KNX can be used to facilitate a safe and healthy environment. In spare bedrooms across the world, people have set up their temporary offices. The neighbour across the road has become the nearest thing I have to a work […]

Siemens Ensures Sustainability and Safety of The Circle Complex at Zurich Airport

Building technology installed in all rooms of “The Circle” complex End-to-end solution for energy supply of all buildings Certified LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council The Circle at Zurich Airport is a new 30,000 m2 building complex that features shops, restaurants, services, hotels and a conference center under one roof. Siemens installed over […]

Elsner Elektronik Introduces CasaConnect KNX Central Unit for Smart KNX Buildings

The new Smart Home & Living solution for more living comfort, security and energy efficiency in the KNX world is the central unit CasaConnect KNX. Using the touch screen and the smartphone app, effortless central operation of the building technology is possible. The central unit is communicative right from the set-up stage: the service technician […]

Case Study: world’s largest sports air dome completed in one month

By Flavio Sanches, ComfortClick. Connacht GAA (Connacht Provincial Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association) is the governing body for Gaelic games that are played in the province of Connacht, Ireland. It had been planning an indoor playing facility for some time, and in 2017, decided that this would be in the form of an air […]

Enertex Announces ENA² Offering Remote Access and a Secure Network for Infrastructure

The Enertex® ENA² combines two functions in a single device: secure remote access for your mobile devices or remote management of your installation for your system integrator, and our ENA² protects your building network against unwanted or fraudulent access of local network devices. The configuration is optimized for the needs of your SmartHome, without any […]

Ekinex Offers KNX Solutions for Hotels

The use of Ekinex temperature control devices in combination with the system for access and presence detection, makes it possible to offer guests of a hotel maximum comfort and, at the same time, to safeguard the objectives of energy efficiency and cost savings defined in the technical and economic planning. In hotel buildings, in combination […]

Ksenia Security Shows porta 4.0 KNX Gateway at ISE 2020

Ksenia Security will exhibit its security and home automation ISE 2020, in Amsterdam, 11-14 February. New devices on display will include: – the 4G-LTE/IP Communicator gemino IoT, designed to remotely control Dual-Path communication on lares 4.0 control panels; – software SecureAccess, to synchronize the management of users on several control panels installed in different […]