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Steinel Offers Multisensor AIR Aerosol KNX Sensors for Analysing the Air Quality in Rooms

The STEINEL multi-sensors permanently analyse the air quality in rooms. This is good for a healthy climate in a building and important for concentration and learning ability. Currently, the potential risk of infection is high on everyone’s agenda. For the first time, this value can be issued as a communication object for KNX.

To enable this, the levels of CO2, air temperature and humidity are measured. Moreover, the True Presence® technology can determine the last time the room was used. The level of risk issued is based on research by the Hermann-Rietschel Institute at the Technical University of Berlin.

Multi-sensors from STEINEL

With our Multisensor AIR Aerosol KNX and True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX, you can measure all of the necessary variables with just one sensor. To make integration into KNX even easier, the sensors transmit the “Infection risk” communication object to the KNX system immediately.

Real CO2 measurement

The STEINEL multi-sensors measure the exact concentration of CO2 in the room air using an installed CO2 sensor, rather than deriving it from a VOC value.

True Presence Multisensor Aerosol KNX

For measurably healthy indoor air. The True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX detects human presence and measures light level, room temperature, humidity, air quality, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2. For the first time, this can be used as the basis for identifying and displaying a potential risk of infection as a communication object for KNX. Result: better health, better safety, better efficiency and better comfort.

Detects whether the air is pure and clean

The most precise presence detector ever becomes the ultimate sensory organ. Light level, ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2 measurements are necessary for the true detection of people. Information that will help to advance the digitisation of building automation on a lasting basis. In this combination and for the first time, the True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX is also capable of identifying and displaying a potential risk of infection as a communication object for KNX. An investment in building intelligence, in people’s sense of well-being and in running the building cost-efficiently. The best comes from above – precise, digital information for modern building management.

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