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Ekinex Offers KNX Solutions for Hotels

The use of Ekinex temperature control devices in combination with the system for access and presence detection, makes it possible to offer guests of a hotel maximum comfort and, at the same time, to safeguard the objectives of energy efficiency and cost savings defined in the technical and economic planning.

In hotel buildings, in combination with thermoregulation solutions, the use of the Ekinex system for access and presence detection control is ideal. The system is based on transponder technology, which makes full use of its flexibility and security features.

The devices are fully compatible with the KNX system, and can be combined with the FF and 71 series of Ekinex wall-mounting devices. The supervision and programming software for PC EK-TSW completes the system offer and can also represent the interface to other communication protocols commonly used in the HVAC sector such as BACnet, Modbus or M-Bus.

Card reader EK-TR2-TP

The EK-TR2-TP card reader is used for access control. The device is installed outside the rooms or other rooms to which access must be controlled. Each card is equipped with an electronic circuit and, once it is close to the card reader, it transmits the unique access code. Entry is allowed or denied depending on the authorisation programmed.

Card holder

The EK-TH2-TP card holder is used to detect the guest presence in the room. The device is installed inside the room. The card is inserted by the guest in the special slot; with this action, the system gives consent to the activation of the HVAC system of the room (in addition to other room utilities such as lighting or TV). At the same time, the presence is notified to the supervision software installed on the PC at the reception desk.

Information on the status of the room (such as the need to rearrange, to replenish the bar, the need for maintenance or the inactivity of the room) is instead notified to the reception by the hotel staff, thanks to special cards (master card).

Card programmer

The programming of the cards and the configuration of the devices can be carried out from the reception or from another workstation where the card programmer is installed, connected via KNX/IP interface or router to a PC with the programming and supervision software Accédo installed.

Accédo software

The basic programming of the devices as well as the configuration of the automation functions is carried out through the ETS application program; card programming and enabling room and controlled access devices in common areas requires the use of Ekinex Accédo management and supervision software. Both devices can notify the passage and validation events of each type of card via the KNX bus with an internal buffer to cope with the unavailability of the communication bus due to excessive data traffic.

Accédo software is particularly suitable for accommodation and hospitality structures (hotels, residences, guesthouses or B&Bs) based on client-server architecture with HTML5 web server functionality. It allows automatic import of ETS projects with easy and intuitive creation of graphic pages, drag & drop functionality, advanced copy / paste and undo / redo. Accédo also has integrated management of calendars, scenarios and schedules.

The supervision and programming software for Ekinex PCs, Accédo, completes the system offer and can also represent the interface to other communication protocols used in the HVAC sector such as BACnet, Modbus or M-Bus.

Input/output module EK-HO1-TP

The Ekinex EK-HO1-TP module can manage all functions of a hotel room: lighting, temperature control, shades and input/output indications.

The device is equipped with membrane keys for manual control and status indication LEDs; a pushbutton switches mode from automatic to manual and vice versa.

The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is intended for mounting on a 35 mm standard DIN-rail. It is supplied by the KNX bus; in order to be operational, it also requires a 230V supply.

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