TAPKO Technology Presents KNX Developments and OEM Devices at Light+Building

Hall 9.0, Booth C89 Home and building automation as well as networked smart applications have been the passion of the southern German company TAPKO for decades. We are known as an OEM equipment supplier in the international market and with our own equipment production in the European Union, we are also in a position to supply our […]

Reliability: the value of diagnostics for KNX installations

Not much can go wrong with a KNX installation, but if an electrical fault does develop, Simon Buddle explains why it makes sense to have the right diagnostic tools in order to save time and money. During the summer of 1987 I purchased, what turned out to be, the one and only car I would […]

Gira Offers New Freedom with KNX RF System

A wired Smart Home system included right from the start of the design phase is now part of the high standard in new construction projects. Yet, in existing buildings, more and more owners are also looking to install the latest building and control technology. However, many are put off by the effort involved in laying […]

HMS Presents Communication Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems

HMS Networks is now presenting several communication solutions for the rapidly expanding battery market. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) require communication capabilities to connect to batteries and peripheral components, communicate with the power grid, monitor systems remotely and much more. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) may be one of the keys to solve the energy […]

Ilevia Offers KNX Power Supply

The Ilevia A00-PS640KNX power supply produces and monitors KNX system voltage. The bus line is decoupled from the power supply with the integrated choke. The power supply is connected to the bus line with a bus connection terminal. A reset is triggered by pressing the reset push button – the bus line is disconnected from […]

JUNG Offers Two System Devices in One by Combining KNX Power Supply and IP Interface

Two in one JUNG upgraded the KNX system devices and combined two essential areas. The new power supply with IP interface facilitates operations more efficiently. By combining power supply and IP interface, JUNG unites two crucial system devices in a single component, allowing professional installers to implement KNX installations more cost-effectively. The power supply with […]

BEMCO Offers Kaiser’s Must Have Tools for KNX Installation

Efficiency and safety are playing an increasingly important role, especially in order to be able to meet the constantly increasing requirements of a good, future-oriented and smart electrical installation. View the BEMCO webinar collaboration with Kaiser and see the list of Kaiser must have tools to make the installation easier and more time efficient. The […]

sonnen Becomes First Storage Manufacturer to Receive KNX Certification

sonnenBatterie has become the first home storage system to receive technical certification under the global KNX standard. This means that, via KNX technology, customers can integrate their photovoltaic system and sonnenBatterie (from the 8th generation onwards) Cross-sectoral energy management between electricity, heat supply and mobility enables the coordinated use of generation, consumption and storage resources […]

Zennio Invents the KNX Re-evolution with ALLinBOX

KNX has been a synonym for innovation and evolution ever since its conception in 1990. For 30 years KNX partners have come up with ideas and products to make the smart home industry more accessible. This evolution can be seen in the ETS software, in the use of new technologies, in the compatibility of KNX […]

JUNG Presents New Products and Trends Across Entire Spectrum of Building Installation

Interconnected, sustainable, secure The discussion about data protection also does not stop at a smart building. Because everything you can operate digitally yourself, can theoretically also be controlled by unauthorised third parties. This is where KNX Secure comes in. Jung provides effective protection thanks to encryption with the AES128 algorithm. To be able to operate […]