iRidium Shows its UMC C3 Automation Server for KNX and IoT Devices at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018 iRidium server UMC C3 is a controller for automation systems, including KNX and IoT devices. It supports KNX and other systems, has built-in Global Caché IR- database and much more. It supports javascript, block schemes, has a built-in engine for schedules and rules. Extensive API, database […]

Elaborated Networks Shows Timberwolf Server 950 at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018 The Timberwolf Server 950 is a multi-interface server for DIN rails. Its KNX Stack allows 8000 objects / 64000 associations, and 25 tunnels simultaneously. 100 Million telegrams and 5000 values / timelines are logged permanently for indeep analysis, also via SQL. NTP time synchronization and connection […]

DIVUS Shows HEARTBEAT for Secure Smart Buildings at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018 DIVUS HEARBEAT, the heart of a smart building Securing smart homes is becoming more and more important. HEARTBEAT guarantees a stable and secure connection of the DIVUS devices in a protected area of the network. You have the network and all connected components fully under control. […]

B.E.G. Shows PICO-KNX Occupancy Detector at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018 BrückElectronic GmbH (B.E.G.) will show the world’s smallest KNX occupancy detector at ISE 2018. In presenting the new PICO-KNX occupancy detector, B.E.G sets standards: with dimensions of only 33mm x 34mm (height), it is the world’s smallest KNX occupancy detector. It fits to almost any mounting […]

Black Nova Shows New ANY KNX Control Panel at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018 Crafted with marble, metal, and glass, ANY’s look is avant-garde. It’s a revolutionary fusion of artistry and technology. ANY welcomes you with a lambent light emanating from the 841 RGB LED matrix. It shines through the panel’s surface, taking the form of a swimming jellyfish, a […]

BEMCO Gives ‘Fast Track to becoming a Smart Installer’ presentation at ISE 2018

BEMCO will be at ISE, making the case that the electrical contractor can displace the custom installer (CI) as the ultimate smart installer. The free 30-minute presentation, to be made by BEMCO Sales & Marketing director, Julian Barkes, will be held between 11:30 – 12:00 on Wednesday 7th February in the Smart Buildings Solutions Theatre. […]

MyKNXStore Supports ABB, Gira, Theben, Jung and B.E.G. at ISE 2018

MyKNXStore will be at the ISE trade show in Amsterdam again this year supporting our key manufacturers who are exhibiting, such as ABB, Gira, Theben, Jung & B.E.G. The show is on from Tuesday 6th – Friday 9th February 2018 held at the RAI in Amsterdam. The show is a great opportunity to introduce yourself […]

Ivory Egg Supports KNX at ISE 2018 with Products and Talks

Integrated Systems Europe is the world´s largest systems integration show. The annual four-day event takes place at the RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6th-9th February 2018, and hosts an extensive range of manufacturers from the AV and intelligent building sectors. Once again, Ivory Egg will be at the show supporting key KNX manufacturers ABB, Basalte, Gira, […]