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iRidium Shows its UMC C3 Automation Server for KNX and IoT Devices at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018

iRidium server UMC C3 is a controller for automation systems, including KNX and IoT devices. It supports KNX and other systems, has built-in Global Caché IR- database and much more. It supports javascript, block schemes, has a built-in engine for schedules and rules. Extensive API, database generation and a most beautiful UI with freehand graphics make it very different from most KNX solutions on the market.

IoT-oriented approach gives you access to connection to cloud services with data analytics and a capability for personal developments. The new C3 model has WiFi, RS-485, that can be to be used as an output to other systems.

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