KNX Association Renews MyKNX to Improve User Experience

MyKNX is the one-stop-shop for the KNX Community. After creating an account, anyone can purchase ETS licenses, request support, subscribe to certified courses and webinars, just to name a few options. KNX is constantly tweaking this important platform to offer a streamlined experience. For the first time, MyKNX has been completely overhauled with not only […]

Theben Offers Solutions for KNX Room Climate Control

A KNX installation only makes real sense if it is used for building automation across rooms. For instance, for temperature control in six classrooms. No matter whether the control is centralized or decentralized. Theben has the right solution with various designs of heating actuators. In the classrooms, the CO2 sensor AMUN 716 S KNX measures […]

JUNG’s KNX LED Universal Dimming Actuator Provides Optimal Room Lighting

Optimum lighting according to requirements and occasion, significantly enhances comfort in a smart building. The JUNG KNX LED Universal dimming actuator, 4-gang, enables reliable dimming of energy-saving light sources. It is also future-proof, works with KNX Data Secure and effectively encrypts all KNX telegrams. The JUNG KNX dimming actuator is impressive due to its high […]

Shenzhen Anbaina Intelligent Industry Joins the KNX Association

Shenzhen Anbaina Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on Smart Home and IoT integrated solutions, with Internet of Things cloud and big data platforms as the core business. It integrates intelligent terminal products, provides smart home solutions and applications for smart offices, smart apartments, smart parks, smart stages, smart hotels and other building types. The company’s […]

CEDIA Live: KNX in the Home Conference

Automation doesn’t have to be difficult. It simply requires a system that avoids the problems of isolated devices. By ensuring that all components communicate in one common language, the kind of device you want to use doesn’t matter anymore. Join us for three hours of deep dive into KNX integration.

The IP-BLiS Initiative: preparing digitalised buildings for a cyber-secure future

Yasmin Hashmi of KNXtoday explains why a host of international standards have joined together to facilitate a cyber-secure future in smart buildings. The imperative for the digitalisation of buildings is clear; they generate nearly 40% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, and thanks to the COVID pandemic, places of work and leisure are having to be […]

Case study: intelligent lighting control for Swiss rail company RhB

Katrin Rosenthal explains how the Swiss rail company, RhB, has automated the lighting in its largest building using B.E.G. detectors to save energy whilst providing a safe and comfortable working environment. The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) operates a network of around 100 stations in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Its newly-constructed infrastructure base in Landquart […]

Working from Home: bringing the home office up to standard using KNX

With so many more people working from home thanks to the pandemic, Simon Buddle discusses how KNX can be used to facilitate a safe and healthy environment. In spare bedrooms across the world, people have set up their temporary offices. The neighbour across the road has become the nearest thing I have to a work […]

View from America: early adoption of KNX is more risk-free than you think

Philip Juneau discusses the unifying nature KNX-based building control and how to change mindsets in order to hasten its adoption in the USA. I recently participated in a CEDIA podcast on awareness of KNX and its adoption in America. It was not scripted and was open to spontaneous Q&As. During the dialogue, it became crystal […]