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Theben Offers Solutions for KNX Room Climate Control

A KNX installation only makes real sense if it is used for building automation across rooms. For instance, for temperature control in six classrooms. No matter whether the control is centralized or decentralized. Theben has the right solution with various designs of heating actuators.

In the classrooms, the CO2 sensor AMUN 716 S KNX measures the room temperature, the relative humidity, as well as the CO2 content of the air. The heating actuator in turn controls the heating in coordination with the indoor and outdoor temperature.

With Theben fan coil actuators, you do not have to decide between heating or cooling: the fan coil provides both options, depending on installation type. And the fan coil actuator can regulate both.

In mild weather, the system switches to summer mode and reduces the energy consumption. If a window is opened, frost protection mode starts. Comfort mode is activated by pressing the presence button. In each situation, the students inside the classrooms enjoy constantly pleasant temperatures. Additionally, the room sensor indicates the air quality via CO2 measurement, and lets you know when it is time to air the room again. The heating control can be controlled via multifunction display VARIA 826 S KNX or any third party visualization.

Benefits at a glance

  1. Fewer devices, less installation effort
    • Each of our latest heating actuators features an independent and fully-fledged room thermostat for each channel. The room temperature is transmitted to the heating actuator by the respective AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor or iON 108 KNX room controller in the individual rooms.
    • The installation effort can be considerably reduced by using the flush-mounted heating actuator HU 1 KNX or the wireless version HU 1 RF KNX. Both devices also support secure communication according to the KNX Data Secure standard.
  2. Securely monitored
    • The FCA 2 KNX fan coil actuator has 2 inputs for condensation monitoring and for connecting an external temperature sensor or window contact.
    • All our latest heating actuators have protection against overload and short circuit, because: Better safe than sorry.
  3. Universally usable
    • The FCA 2 KNX supports both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems. The 2-pipe system allows for demand-based heating or cooling. The 4-pipe system consists of a separate flow and return for the heating and cooling system. The valves are controlled via 0-10 V outputs, the fan either switching or also via 0-10 V.
    • The HMT 12 S KNX can be used to control either 12 x 24 V or 0-10 V actuators.

Room controller iON 108 KNX

On the iON 108 KNX room controller, an icon can be selected from a library for each of the up to 20 functions. The icon can be complemented by suitable function names, and it shows the current status. This greatly simplifies operation and navigation on the room controller. Operation is made even easier by access via App. The integrated Bluetooth interface establishes a comfortable as well as secure connection between the iON 108 KNX and smartphone or tablet.

Theben fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX

With the fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX, Theben presents an actuator for efficient heating control. It supports 2 and 4 pipe systems and is, for instance, optimally suited for the use in hotel rooms, conference rooms and offices. Proportionally controllable control valves and fan (0-10 V) ensure precise temperature control and ventilation. Via the switch outputs, the fan can be controlled in three increments. Two inputs can be used for condensation monitoring and for connecting an external temperature sensor or window contact. The KNX actuator can be used universally for voltages from 100-240 V and 50-60 Hz.

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