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KNX Association Renews MyKNX to Improve User Experience

MyKNX is the one-stop-shop for the KNX Community. After creating an account, anyone can purchase ETS licenses, request support, subscribe to certified courses and webinars, just to name a few options. KNX is constantly tweaking this important platform to offer a streamlined experience. For the first time, MyKNX has been completely overhauled with not only a new look-and-feel, but also an optimized user-friendly interface.

Improvements based on experience and research

Serge Creola, Sales Manager of KNX Association, describes the improvements as follows: “MyKNX is visited by thousands of new and existing customers each month. It is therefore vital that everyone can visit the platform and easily find what they are looking for. Since the introduction of MyKNX, our sales team has carefully listened to our customers’ feedback on how to improve our platform and we have been tracking visitor behaviour to find out where they were struggling. With this data available to us we had a clear picture where to improve. We have completely adapted the available information on the MyKNX homepage. We wanted the desired info for most customers to be just one click away. Visitors who wish to purchase our software can instantly find the right products, our offer of training opportunities are listed and if you are facing issues with ETS, you can browse through the most viewed support articles.”

Ordering products made easy

“The number of steps in the ordering procedure are reduced and optimized. Moreover, you can instantly enter vouchers and order any product the voucher applies to in one go, so you will get the best deal possible. Make sure you also keep an eye on the latest news on the MyKNX homepage to discover the latest sales action and rebates”, stresses Serge Creola.

Responsiveness guaranteed

More and more people use their Smartphone or tablet for all purposes. We notice on our website that 30% of the visits are done by a mobile device. We wanted all visitors with mobile devices to have a smooth experience on our MyKNX platform as well. With our new MyKNX, you have all the platforms functions at your fingertips. We will continue improving MyKNX and will always welcome the helpful feedback from our KNX Community to make sure you can benefit of the full potential of the MyKNX platform.

For all purchases, support, training opportunities and much more visit MyKNX at

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