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KNX UK Annual Conference Reflects Confidence in a Secure Future and Celebrates its 2021 Award Winners

The 2021 UK Annual Conference [25 March] focussed on the continuing improvement of the KNX standard that is keeping it at the forefront of smart building control globally.

KNX Association chief technical officer Joost Demarest outlined the success of the KNX Secure standard and the pace at which manufacturers have rolled out products enabling integrators to adopt it, initially at the IP and RF interface with more new products for the TP interface expected soon.

He assured members that a standardised interface and improved semantics will enable systems integrators to embrace the IoT. He also hinted at new developments in the ETS commissioning software tool, that will be available for integrators commissioning projects being commissioned in the second half of the year. These include segment couplers and proxies to extend options for RF connectivity. A welcome addition to the KNX offer will be a ‘mid-market’ ETS licence for up to 64 devices.

M Demarest stressed tha KNX always will always stick to its commitment to build on top of the existing core system. The key word, he said, is interoperability.  The core KNX promises of being able to create open, future-proof, multi-vendor systems will never be compromised.

KNX UK President Paul Foulkes then discussed ways in which the UK Association will support members as these new opportunities come onstream by providing an online hub for access to technical and marketing resources as well as a consumer-facing shop window to help consumers to see the undeniable benefits of choosing a KNX platform to control their home or building.

The 2021 KNX UK Awards

The 2021 winners are:

  • Residential Installation of the Year: Admaja residence, Dubai (New Land Solutions)
  • Commercial Installation of the Year: Manchester Engineering Campus (IBT Controls)
  • Application of the Year: Chelsea Mews (Gira)
  • Product of the year: KNX F10 Push Button Sensor (Jung)
  • KNX UK Champion: Mark Warburton (Ivory Egg)
  • KNX UK Special Service Award: Tara Gartland (KNX UK)

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