The Colours and Shades of KNX: helping the customer to decide

By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. Choice is an interesting thing. When faced with limited options, it’s often easy to work out what you want. Presented with just two options, you could decide on the flip of a coin. Regardless of the actual result, by the time the coin has landed you will know your preference. […]

System Design: balancing the James Bond effect with function

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. It is beginning to feel like a very long year. This office desk of mine has spent far too many days confused by my Zoom shirt/shorts dress combination. It, like me, could do with a few days off from the ongoing low-level stress and isolation. We are, after all, […]

Case Study: world’s largest sports air dome completed in one month

By Flavio Sanches, ComfortClick. Connacht GAA (Connacht Provincial Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association) is the governing body for Gaelic games that are played in the province of Connacht, Ireland. It had been planning an indoor playing facility for some time, and in 2017, decided that this would be in the form of an air […]

KNX News App

Thanks to the KNX News App the KNX community and, in particular our professionals, will be informed with the latest and most important news of KNX. When you want to know what’s happening in the world of KNX, tap into the KNX News App.  Use this new channel to: read the latest news from the […]

ABB KNX Switch Actuators – Energy Functions Webinar

Webinar from the Building Automation Competence Center Europe. Content: KNX Switch Actuators – Energy Functions – Range Overview Switch Actuators – ABB i-bus® KNX Switch Actuators Professional Range with Energy Functions – Preview: ABB i-bus® Tool with ABB i bus® KNX Switch Actuators – Introduction: ABB EQmatic Energy Analyzer QA/S KNX

Building functions and channel linking with ETS Professional

Smart linking in ETS5 – Link KNX devices in a KNX project quickly in a few steps. Preparation of the project for the IoT world. This video will guide you through: General information about KNX Virtual Function & ETS fundamentals Creating functions and channels in a project

ETS Inside demo

This live webinar showcases the usage of the ETS Inside server device: how to set up a KNX installation with ETS5 and synchronize it with an ETS Inside server from the company B.A.B Technologie.

Zennio Confirms Committment to Innovation with New Product Releases in Q1 2021

Despite a rather complicated 2020, Zennio has made a huge effort to keep up with manufacturing, developing and innovating at the same levels as previous years. Committed to innovation, Zennio has announced the release of 4 new KNX products in the first quarter of 2021, with many others to follow throughout the year. Zennio Q1 […]