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Zennio Confirms Committment to Innovation with New Product Releases in Q1 2021

Despite a rather complicated 2020, Zennio has made a huge effort to keep up with manufacturing, developing and innovating at the same levels as previous years. Committed to innovation, Zennio has announced the release of 4 new KNX products in the first quarter of 2021, with many others to follow throughout the year.

Zennio Q1 2021 novelties – from top to bottom and left to right: Tecla 55, KEM, Presentia W0 and Z40:


The first product is Z40, which those familiar with the Zennio catalogue will quickly identify as a bigger Z35. And that is in essence what Z40 is, a 4.1” colour touch panel with up to 56 control points distributed in 7 pages, a proximity and luminosity detector to adjust display backlight, 2 independent thermostats, a built-in temperature probe and 4 A/D inputs to be used as binary input, motion detector or temperature probe. As said, a Z35 but just a bit bigger to provide a better guest experience.
(Estimated availability January 2021)

Tecla 55

The following is also a front-end device, the Tecla 55. A polycarbonate capacitive touch switch to be mounted in 55×55 frames. The new device will be available in 1, 2, 4 or 6 button versions, all with customisable backlit icons and a proximity and luminosity detector to adjust backlight. The perfect switch to make the KNX market a bit more accessible.
(Estimated availability Q1 2021)

KEM (KNX Energy Monitor)

KEM (KNX Energy Monitor) is the third device in the list and completes the energy monitoring family of the firm. This new device is able to measure electricity from 3 independent circuits, flow from 4 different channels and temperature from 5 inputs. Flow and temperature information can be combined within the device so it calculates heating and cooling energy and it additionally includes 10 logic functions. The all-in-one energy monitor.
(Estimated availability Q1 2021)

Presentia W0

Closing the KNX list is Presentia W0, a KNX wall mounting presence detector (also to be fitted in 55×55 frames) with 180º detection area and 2 independent built-in sensors for each of which the sensitivity can be adjusted individually to provide maximum installation flexibility. It will be available in white and silver with white lens or anthracite with black lens.
(Estimated availability January 2021)


Finally, to complete the current portfolio of KNX devices, Zennio is releasing in 2021 its own family of polycarbonate accessories. From 55×55 frames (under the name of ZS55) to European sockets, USB chargers and rocker and push button switches.
(Estimated availability Q1 2021)

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