ABB Busch-VoiceControl KNX Webinar

Webinar from the ABB Building Automation Competence Center Europe. Content: Busch-VoiceControl KNX – General Introduction – Features – Use-Cases – Commissioning

JUNG KNX – A Secure Standard Brochure

Mature KNX technology means a plus in security. To effectively safe- guard the infrastructure against attacks, particularly in hotels and public buildings, in a professional installation, measures need to be carried out at hardware and software level. This brochure includes a checklist for increased security in KNX installations.

Hugo Mueller Offers GS 80.22 KNX Carbon Monoxide Detector

The KNX carbon monoxide detector / CO detector offers an integrated optical and acoustic alarm for increased carbon monoxide concentrations ideal for various rooms in residential properties, such as living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, or for white good / gas appliances. This advanced air quality sensor offers simplistic installation and wall mounting. Product Overview: KNX […]

Suzuki Joins the KNX Association

Headquartered in Singapore, Suzuki Corporation Private Limited, aspires to become a global brand in electronic industry. We intend to enhance the people’s life by observing principles like Quality, Integrity and Innovation. Suzuki, named after the promoter Mr. Kazushige Suzuki san of Japan, also meaning a “Bell Tree” symbolizes that the organization would grow from small […]

CONTROLtronic Offers Glass Touch Sensor and Room Thermostat with KNX Data Secure Support

KNX Glass Touch Sensor and KNX Room Thermostat with KNX Data Secure – the CONTROLtronic glass touch series Living Emotions® offers innovative technology and superior design. Features include real glass in different colors and finishes, icons which can be exchangeable for one to seven sensor fields, colour LED illumination RGBW, proximity detection, temperature and air […]

Elsner Elektronik Adds Room Brightness Sensor to Intra-Sewi KNX Presence Detector

The latest generation of Intra-Sewi KNX presence detectors from Elsner Elektronik have an integrated brightness sensor. The room brightness, like the presence of people, can be evaluated for the light control integrated in the device. The lighting is thus controlled according to requirements and in an energy-saving manner. Intra-Sewi KNX is also available with additional […]

Navigant Research Finds Cybersecurity Will Define Market-Leading Intelligent Building Solutions

A new report from Navigant Research examines the cybersecurity landscape for intelligent buildings and the implications of increased Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. While smart buildings are centered around the ideas of connectivity and interactivity, new interfaces are dramatically increasing access points, providing gateways to sensitive data, and creating new vulnerabilities for building automation systems. […]

Ekinex Offers Easy EK-ER2-TP KNX Room Thermostat

Creating a positive climate is easier with the Easy FF thermostat The new Ekinex Easy EK-ER2-TP room thermostat offers the end user a very simple and intuitive interface and at the same time can be easily integrated into a home automation system with many other KNX functions. Easy allows you to easily control radiator systems, […]

Elsner Elektronik Announces KNX eTR 101 Room Temperature Controller

KNX eTR 101 is a heating controller for the KNX building bus system. The switch-sized control unit is placed on site in the room. The controller automatically ensures the desired room temperature and enables individual readjustment via touch surfaces. The simple user interface allows use in both private and commercial areas, especially in hotels, where […]