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Blumotix Presents QUBIK Multifunction KNX 3D Keyboard with Temperature Control Unit

QUBIK is a new capacitive keyboard by Blumotix, with modern design and innovative performance.

It is a touch device with 8 aluminum commands, and is designed for easy operation without visual aids to be really user-friendly. The keys can be configured with ETS to work in the most convenient way for the desired use.

The “don’t need to look” solution is the innovation of this Blumotix device. Only when the finger recognizes the right key then a gesture can switch on the light. The keys can be set with ETS so as to work in the most functional way according to the intended use.

Qubik is a keyboard equipped with an extremely accurate digital temperature sensor, complete with all the thermostat functions, from the setpoint adjustment to the selection of the comfort modes. The 8 keys are separated in the central part by 4 RGB LEDs that can be programmed to illuminate itself in 7 different colors: red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, magenta and white.

The RGB LEDs can be associated to KNX events through their communication objects in order to get back any feedback on the system.

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