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Suzuki Joins the KNX Association

Headquartered in Singapore, Suzuki Corporation Private Limited, aspires to become a global brand in electronic industry. We intend to enhance the people’s life by observing principles like Quality, Integrity and Innovation. Suzuki, named after the promoter Mr. Kazushige Suzuki san of Japan, also meaning a “Bell Tree” symbolizes that the organization would grow from small humble beginnings at the bottom and would reach the biggest and best exalted position at the top.

The company would accomplish this, not only through leading R&D, Product Designs, Sales and Marketing activities, but also through the quality and distinctiveness of its products. The company’s ability to generate profits will guide the industrial circles in which it competes.

SUZUKI as an export-oriented electronic company with “value for money ”and“ customer service as its main positioning pillars The Company placed a high value on the importance of the brand image and invested heavily from the onset to make SUZUKI a recognized name in technology and security industries. Recognizing the strength of the brand name, the founders obtained worldwide trade mark for the SUZUKI brand for its relevant industries. We honor and nurture the spirit of innovation while striving to be creative and responsive to customers’ needs. This in turn helps strengthen our competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

SUZUKI would continue to innovate, futuristic and forward looking technological products and would do its best to obtain patents and proprietary rights on some technology to drive the market and gain considerable market share. The company will provide shareholders and investors with an appealing return-on-investment. Additionally, Suzuki will supply employees with an optimum work environment that helps them learn new skills and grow professionally for the future.

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