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Hugo Mueller Offers GS 80.22 KNX Carbon Monoxide Detector

The KNX carbon monoxide detector / CO detector offers an integrated optical and acoustic alarm for increased carbon monoxide concentrations ideal for various rooms in residential properties, such as living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, or for white good / gas appliances. This advanced air quality sensor offers simplistic installation and wall mounting.

Product Overview:

KNX carbon monoxide detector
Integrated optical / acoustic alarms for increased carbon monoxide concentrations, e.g. in living rooms
Direct connection via KNX-TP interface (can also operate as a standalone product)
Configurable thresholds for carbon monoxide concentrations
Input for test-/reset function
2 binary inputs
2 binary outputs
Additional measurement of room temperature and humidity
Clearly structured ETS
Modern and planar design
Wall mounting
*KNX-bus voltage necessary
Manufacturer reference: GS 80.22 knx

Available from My KNX Store in the UK with fast delivery.

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