Product Review: Steinel HPD2 KNX Sensor

By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. Working at a distributor means that I get to see a lot of product, but very rarely do I actually get to commission and test them. Usually, it’s only when something goes wrong and we need to help a customer solve problems. And even then, the majority of testing is […]

Interview: Franz Kammerl on the KNX Market and the Internet of Things

In this exclusive interview with KNXtoday, President of KNX Association, Franz Kammerl, gives his take on the current state of the KNX market, and its future in the IoT. KNXtoday: Why are you so enthusiastic about KNX, and what are your aims for the standard? FK: The unique outstanding benefit is its ability to interoperate […]

Trade Talk: Why Utility Metering Makes Sense

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. “Turn that light off! Money doesn’t grow on trees you know” was often bellowed at me as a youngster. My Nan and Granddad lived in a three-bed terraced house, and a quick count of lights probably worked out at about six upstairs and another four downstairs – so let’s […]

Gewiss Offers KNX/Easy Thermo ICE Thermostats

The KNX/Easy Thermo ICE thermostats are flush-mounting devices to control heating/cooling systems on the BUS and to manually manage the temperature on three levels (comfort, pre-comfort, economy). There are control algorithms for 2- or 4-way systems: two points (ON/OFF or 0%/100%), proportional-integral (PWM or continuous), fan coil. The thermostats can be used to manage humidification/dehumidification […]

EAE Technology Offers Oria Series of KNX Switches and Thermostats

The Oria premium switch and thermostat series from EAE Technology adds value to your interior designs with an elegant look and sophisticated technology. Combined with the KNX system, use of a single Oria switch provides you with the means to activate light scenes, control blinds and set a comfortable temperature. Oria series devices, which combine […]

Hager Group Announces New 24,000m² Logistics Platform to Support Growth

Hager Group announces construction of a new 24,000 m² logistics platform to support its growth. With an opening planned for 2020, the new platform will be located in the industrial zone ‘Ecoparc Rhénan’ in Reichstett, in the Greater Strasbourg area, France. This logistics platform will be managed by the group and ensure the delivery of […]

xxter Joins the KNX Association

xxter is situated in Amsterdam and is a manufacturer of visualisation, integration and control solutions for KNX and others. For visualisation, xxter provides apps for iOS, Android and PC, which are easy to set up for the end user. The user can also set up scenarios, schedulers and presence simulation directly in the app. The […]

KNX UK Announces Networking Event at Hager UK in Telford

The next KNX UK networking event is a must for all integrators working in the residential sector. The day will be hosted in Telford at the Hager UK factory, where the team that works full-time with developers will share their insights into how builders and investors are thinking and how we can all work with […]

CEDIA Tech Summit – Wetherby

CEDIA Tech Summit – Wetherby 11 June 2019 Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK Free to attend, the Wetherby Tech Summit is an education-oriented event featuring displays from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, highlighting their newest and most exciting products. The event will also feature four, 45-minute presentations, with a different trade supplier […]