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Gewiss Offers KNX/Easy Thermo ICE Thermostats

The KNX/Easy Thermo ICE thermostats are flush-mounting devices to control heating/cooling systems on the BUS and to manually manage the temperature on three levels (comfort, pre-comfort, economy).

There are control algorithms for 2- or 4-way systems: two points (ON/OFF or 0%/100%), proportional-integral (PWM or continuous), fan coil.

The thermostats can be used to manage humidification/dehumidification systems if connected to an external humidity sensor (e.g. GW1x762H).

The thermostats has 1 input for a potential-free contact (for the window contact function, or for managing fronts, dimmers, roller shutters and scenes) and 1 input for the external temperature NTC probe sensor (e.g. protection for floor-mounting heating) or, alternatively, as a second input for a potential-free contact. The user interface has touch commands (capacitive) on glass plate and backlit display. The thermostat is equipped with integrated proximity and temperature sensors and is configured with ETS software or Easy controller.

It can be combined with KNX flush-mounting timed thermostats or KNX control panels for local temperature adjustment: In this case, the thermostat acts as the slave by executing the temperature profile sent by the master.

Equipped with coupling terminal for connection to BUS. The thermostats include a front plate, electronic unit and metal support, and are suitable for screw fixing on both rectangular 3-gang boxes (centre distance 83.5 mm) and round/square boxes (centre distance 60 mm) equipped with fixing columns.

The KNX/Easy Thermo ICE thermostats are available white, black and titanium.

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