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EAE Technology Offers Oria Series of KNX Switches and Thermostats

The Oria premium switch and thermostat series from EAE Technology adds value to your interior designs with an elegant look and sophisticated technology.

Combined with the KNX system, use of a single Oria switch provides you with the means to activate light scenes, control blinds and set a comfortable temperature.

Oria series devices, which combine the familiar push button feeling with the latest technology, are available in anthracite, ivory and cloud grey.

Open the Door to Superior Technology

• The new generation of Oria switches adds a simple and elegant touch to the world of users while fulfilling unlimited needs with its design.

• With rich collection options expandable to 12 buttons in a single frame, enjoy one-point management of on-site lighting, heating-cooling, shutter-blind, speakers, scene call and panic buttons controls.

Control is under your fingertips

• Expandable up to 4 fold, Oria thermostats provide a wide collection of possibilities for all spaces where both thermostats and programmable switches are needed at the same time.

• Oria thermostats can perform all needed operations with a single touch. Programmable buttons on Oria thermostats can control comfort and energy saving needs such as lighting, shutter/blind, scene call, speakers and panic button for you.

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