Business: Sowing the Seeds of Success – Out of Europe

By Jesús Arias García, KNXin. ‘Out of Africa’ is the name of a popular shop in South Africa. It is present in all the South African airports, and it is about all the gear and souvenirs related to the local culture and, of course, stereotypes about this side of the African continent. On this occasion, […]

Solutions: KNX in a BMS World

By Sophie Thomas, Ivory Egg. We have been trying to control our built environment since at least 270BCE, when the first automatic control system device, a water clock, was invented. The first HVAC-related system came about in the 1700s through Rene-Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur’s scale thermometer and his ideas on temperature control of incubators based […]

Interview: Mehdi Darabi, Parto Negar Parand

Parto Negar Parand Company is an IT and building automation company based in Tehran, Iran. Its Chairman and Founder, Mehdi Darabi, has worked in IT for more than twenty five years in the Middle East and in Asia, specifically in the research and development of geographic information systems, macro and mini computers, RISC machines, networking […]

Dr KNX: Opening the ETS4 Database

By Dr KNX. Dear KNXer, KNX Association chose the Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine for ETS4 because this meant that they did not need to develop a proprietary database engine from scratch. There are, however, some consequences of this approach, such as not being able to just move ETS4 database files, not even […]

Case Study: Gira Installation in South Tyrol Holiday Lodge

By Ewald Burkhart, Elektro Ewald. When the Erlacher family decided to convert a hunting lodge into a rentable holiday home in the mountains of South Tyrol, they wanted it to include state-of-the-art technology so that guests could pamper themselves and relax in this beautiful and natural setting. The Mountain Lodge Tamersc is 130m2 and features […]

Thermokon Offers its Thanos Touch Room Control Panel with Temperature and Humidity Detection

The Thermokon touch room operating panel, Thanos, is designed for temperature and humidity detection as well as for integrated operation of HVAC, lighting and blind for single room control. By means of high-graded optics, the device is specially ideal for design-oriented applications. The operating functions can be flexibly adapted to most room layouts. Functions and […]

KNX Italy Announces a KNX Workshop in Syracuse

KNX Italy is organising a KNX workshop in Syracuse on 31 May 2014 to raise awareness among operators and end-users. The event will feature the latest information about the international standard for automated management of homes, offices, buildings, schools, etc. The event will be held in conjunction with the Order of Engineers of Syracuse. The […]

Philips Brings Lighting Innovation to KNX Webinar

Live on Tuesday, May 27 at 4 pm CET Speakers: – Paul Osinga is Philips Lighting’s Global Product Manager for KNX products. He believes that real-world applications of lighting technology can help improve people’s lives. – Allan Apel is Technical Trainer/Europe for Indoor Systems supporting existing and new users with training, self-learning and information. Today’s […]

ise Announces its smart connect KNX Secure for Remote System Access

With the ise smart connect KNX Secure, KNX can be conveniently and safely accessed from anywhere around the world. Whether via computer, tablet, or smart phone – you get safe communication completely without configuration! A KNX user wants to lower his blinds or turn up the heater while he/she is on the road, or an […]

Gira Introduces its Surface-Mounted Home Station Video Plus

Convenient operation with a compact and elegant appearance The front of the surface-mounted home station video has a homogeneous design, and due to its capacitive sensor technology, it can be operated with a light touch of the buttons. It features a state-of-the-art TFT colour display and an editable menu. Compared to the Standard variant, the […]