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ise Announces its smart connect KNX Secure for Remote System Access

With the ise smart connect KNX Secure, KNX can be conveniently and safely accessed from anywhere around the world. Whether via computer, tablet, or smart phone – you get safe communication completely without configuration!

A KNX user wants to lower his blinds or turn up the heater while he/she is on the road, or an electrical installer wants to do a configuration without having to go to the customer’s home – there are many situations where remote accessibility of the KNX system makes sense. However, this could cause a dangerous safety breach.

The solution comes in the form of the ise smart connect KNX Secure with SSL-protected connection guaranteeing safety at all times. Not a single data packet is transmitted without being encoded; listening in is not possible. Furthermore, the KNX user can interrupt connections to the outside world at any time via an additional secure switch.

And installation is child’s play. Simply connect ise smart connect KNX Secure to the KNX system and you are done! Access is only possible via smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Just start the ETS Secure Access Client that accesses the installation’s KNX IP interfaces, or the web browser, that lets you access the local HTML pages. And further configuration is unnecessary.


– safe data transmitting of HTML and ETS communication via the internet up to KNX/IP network, encrypted from the first packet on
– configuration-free when using DHCP
– for ETS version 4.1.6 or higher

The ise smart connect KNX Secure is available starting June and can be pre-ordered now.

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